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4 reasons why you NEED to make the switch to soap bars in 2021.

So, it’s the first month of the new year and you’re in the shower, you reach over for that sweet, sweet (don’t worry, we’re keeping this PG…) cleansing product that your just-out-of-a-gym-class body so desperately needs. And what is it that you reach for? Oh, you reach for shower gel?

From ‘fancy’ foaming body washes to ‘soothing’ bath milks, whatever it is that past and present marketers have convinced you is a necessary component for your bathroom, it seems like some of you are still using those, what we like to call, ‘tubes of terror’ to clean your beautiful bods after a tough day.

If you’ve clicked through to spare five minutes reading this, you’re obviously in the market for a new beau to take to your bathtub (queue jealous ex’s everywhere) and here at nuddy we are more than ready to give you the low down on why, well, liquid soap sucks and 2020 is the year for a full bathroom revolution. Ladies, let’s get in formation!

4 reasons you need to make the switch to soap bars in 2020!


Whilst we’ve been waging an eco-conscious war for a while on take away coffee cups and plastic shopping bags (long live our Frank Green’s and arty canvas totes, am I right?) our bathroom essentials seem to have missed the rampage. But not now. Not in 2020.

Nationwide, the UK is said to use 7.7 billion plastic bottles per year. That’s an average of 117 bottles per person, per year! When you team this up with the fact that only 9% of the plastic ever made has been recycled, you abso-freaking-lutely see the problem. That's why soap bars are so fantastic (because they're sans plastic!).

We now live in a world where you feel awkward to pick up a plastic straw at the bar for your Espresso Martini, so why should your bathroom habits be any different?
Let’s leave the nasty packaging in the ‘two thousand and teens’, I mean if we’re being honest it’s nowhere near as cool as ours.


Bar soap contains high quality, simplified ingredients that are really nutritious for your skin. nuddy isn’t that old-fashioned, off-white bar of imperial leather that your Grandma has on the side of her sink and will leave your body feeling as tight as if you just spent 7 hours in the sun with no sun cream. It's Shea Butter based and is also SLS and paraben free, meaning it’s legitimately good for your skin and actually cleans you!
It’s unlike those fluorescent bottles of gels, milks, mousses and foams that are packed full of man-made chemicals in order to keep their form and texture, and leave you feeling no less ‘soothed’ or ‘relaxed’ than after a “So where is your life going?” conversation with your parents.


We all love things that last longer (or wish that they would), from holidays and weekends to that killer cocktail you got last Saturday or the best tacos you’ve ever eaten. First kisses, last kisses, kisses on your…you catch our drift. No-one wants to buy something that in a week or so, you’re off to buy another because it’s already been used up.

But that’s what happens in a world without a soap bar. Whether you accidently squirt your body wash straight down the drain or in a rush forget to close the lid properly resulting in bright orange goo leaking all over your newly clean bathroom, liquid soap causes so much more waste. Soap bars tend to last a lot longer than their liquid counterparts and as nuddy is triple milled, it lasts longer than most meaning more washes per purchase and a better investment all round.


Before we made soap cool again, we could possibly see the allure of taking a luminous shower gel into your shower with you because, well, nicely smelling and luxurious soap bars didn’t really exist. But oh, how they do now!

We’ve created five unique and compelling scents which linger on your skin all day long. It doesn’t take a scientist to know these bars smell good and so can you, too. From our good enough to eat mango bar to our 10-minute holiday with a bar of coconut, whatever you’re looking for – we’ve got your back (and your legs, your shoulders, under your arms…wash everywhere guys, you’ll smell dreamy!)

Now we’ve given some real talk on the ‘bars over bottles’ movement, why don’t you give yourself a challenge this year? Switch, to soap. Save, on waste. And Sashay, into 2020 knowing that you’re doing your bit to look after your skin, your scent and the world. And look out from us…nuddy is expanding their range.

A full bathroom revolution is coming, and it’s in bar form. WE MOVE!

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