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5 of the Best Tik Tok Hair Trends You Don’t Want to Miss.

If you’re not on Tik Tok, keep scrolling. 

Right, now we’ve got the real losers out the way let’s talk about the bayaaangs for a hot minute. If like us, in the pre-Tik Tok age, your Instagram explore page was constantly filled with makeup tutorials and nail videos, then entering beauty hack Tik Tok is like real life beauty porn.

And now, thanks to the instalment of the ‘Learn’ tab on the app, there is no better source for information than a trusty comment section under an educational video. Let’s stop being collectively embarrassed to admit we’ve learned some of our best makeup/clothes/decorating/cooking, *insert literally any activity here* tips and tricks from a twenty second video. Tik Tok can be incredibly educational, and inclusive, and if you’re someone who has spent more than five minutes on the app – which let’s face it, probably turned into a 2-hour scrolling session – then you’ll know hair tutorials are increasingly popular at the moment.

Largely due to global lockdowns meaning makeup routines are taking a backseat, it seems we are more interested in great skin and cool hair. Whether your concerns are growth, strengthening or just style inspiration, there are thousands of videos that offer natural, home remedies or interpretations that are easily accessible and user friendly whilst the salons are shut.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the most popular and thriving hair trends on the app at the moment, for all hair types. Take a look below...

1. Blow Dry Bangs

All hair types

Kate Middleton called; she wants her hair back.

Gone are the days of the 90s pin straight hair or the 80s big frizz, the latest hair trend exploding across the internet is the classical blow-dried middle-part bangs. Whilst the inner Brit in us screams the word fringe internally, even we have to admit there’s definitely a difference between a flawlessly bouncy side bang and your average gappy, middle-school fringe. The easiest trick to achieving the look? A heated brush. Some prefer the old school hairdryer and a big fat roller combo, but we are all about making it as simple as possible. If you’ve got a Dyson Airwrap, even better, but if not, there’s plenty on the market that will do the same on a bank-friendly budget. Section off your front fringe from the rest of your hair and brush from the root upwards when wet. Part in the middle and bobs your uncle; hair fit for a royal wedding.

2. Curly Hair Routine

Very wavy /curly/afro hair types

Whilst the curl police in the comment section will rightly tell you that with all the will in the world, you can’t make a fro out of a kink; curly hair tutorials can be super helpful for those who don’t know how to accentuate or manage their locks. Firstly, using curl-friendly products that nurture and moisturise your hair without harsh chemicals causing your curl pattern to lose shape is the number one rule to getting it right. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that you shouldn’t necessarily shy away from all products catering to curly/afro hair because you don’t think they’re designed for your hair texture. Whilst respectfully honouring black hair culture that has practiced these techniques for centuries, curly hair is curly hair, and despite the many different types that exist confirming there is no one-fits-all approach, the Shea Moisture and Cantu products of the world can still also help some non-afro curls achieve more definition. The next important step is plopping. Once product is applied evenly to wet hair, you plop. Plopping consists of bundling your hair on top of your head and using either a bonnet/t-shirt/wrap to gather your curls and let them semi-dry without the heaviness of the water weighing your hair down causing it to straighten. When your hair is semi-dry, it’s time for the fun part: diffusing. If your blow-dryer doesn’t come with a diffuser attachment, you can find inexpensive universal ones online that work just as well. Scrunch and dry your hair simultaneously for bouncy, voluminous curls.

3. Heatless Dressing Gown Curls

Straight hair

Yes, you read that right the first time. Scrap the wands, crimps and barrels, how foolish were we to think we needed any of the above when all we actually needed was the middle tie thingy from our age-old dressing gown. I’m no expert but I believe this highly complex (not) technique involves wrapping wet hair around the dressing gown tie – or socks, I’ve seen people use tights and socks too – hairband the ends, and sleep in it overnight. Take the monstrosity out in the morning and voila, beach waves on a paddling pool budget.

4. 90s/2000s Hair Bands

All hair types

The late 90s Y2K fashion is everywhere at the moment, influencing our clothes, hair, makeup and music. Take one look at Bella Hadid’s most recent looks and you’ll be transported back to low-rise jeans and your favourite Spice Girls track playing on your elder sister’s portable CD player. Warning: this hair hack is only suitable for those with extremely high patience levels and plenty of time to spare. Using small clear or coloured bands, section small front pieces of hair into long, rectangular sections and tie accordingly. You can continue this for another row, interlinking each section to create a waterfall effect too which is super cute. Essentially, there are endless styles and ways of doing this, but if you’ve ended up looking like Justin Timberlake in his cornrow phase, you’ve gone too far.

5. Bronde Hair Wax

 Afro hair

Salons are shut and the first lockdown taught us all a hard lesson that home dye kits should be left in 2020. Without a professional on hand to give us those golden highlights ready for summer, Tik Tok has shared with the masses the next best thing: golden hair wax. Apply onto your curls after your other products when wet/damp. Section your hair in layers for a more even coverage. Dry naturally or using a diffuser and you’re good to go. It’s really that simple AND it washes out. Get creative and layer other coloured waxes on top of the blonde for a hint of lilac or pink if you’re feeling playful. 

All these tips and tricks are only really scratching the surface of what Tik Tok creators have to offer when it comes to hair hacks that will have you looking and feeling your best. Gone are the days we are embarrassed to admit that a teenager taught us how to braid our hair at home and we will say loud and proud to whoever compliments us, ‘Thanks! I learned this on Tik Tok.’