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Why Choose Plastic Free Hair Care.

If like some, the mere thought of scrapping the assortments of bottles from your bathroom window ledge and going old school with a soap bar is an utter no-no, then think again. We are talking about the future of plastic-free beauty, and whether you are hesitant or not, we wouldn’t want you to be left behind. Much like Eddison to the lightbulb, or Beauty Blender to the well... beauty blender, nuddy will always be proud to have been the first to fly the flag for shampoo bars nationwide. Our mission is complete, we have officially made shampoo bars cool again. But alas, the rest of the beauty world is waking up and smelling the roses, or peaches or strawberries should we say (whatever scent you fancy really), and if you’re still lagging behind, it’s time to get to know.

Great hair, no cares...

Uh huh, we are no longer alone in leading the shampoo bar revolution,but we welcome the big guns of beauty into the field with open arms. After all, this battle to a no waste zone cannot be won alone. Last year, Garnier Ultimate Blends launched its range of shampoo bars. It’s going mainstream, and unlike overplucked eyebrows in the 90s, this bandwagon is one worth jumping on and most definitely a change for good.

£8.95, 100g -  SHOP NOW

So here is the real secret if you’re jittering on the fence, unsure whether to take the plunge and embrace shampoo bar life for good.

It’s exactly the same, minus the water.

Like the true millennials we are, when H2O said ‘just add water’, we listened. Like, really listened. 

Don’t believe us? Check the back of your ingredients list. Aqua, H20, Water; it’s what constitutes the majority of every shampoo. Take it out and solidify the formula and voila, enter shampoo bar euphoria.

Tell me more, tell me more

If you're still apprehensive then here’s five home truths that will have you adding the entire nuddy range to your basket quicker than you can read out your coffee order.

1. Our shampoo bars last twice as long as a regular bottle of shampoo. This becomes beneficial in so many ways, from not going through bottles upon bottles every year and generating more waste, to saving money as your purchases will stretch further. Become a cost-efficient queen or king.

2. There is no plastic, no parabens and no fuss. All packaging (though there is very minimal) is recyclable and you will not be contributing to plastic waste when buying your shampoo. This is huuuuge. You may not realise just how much, but in the UK alone, we throw away 520 million shampoo bottles every year. And 83% of us don’t know what we should be recycling and what we shouldn’t. Make it easier for yourself and eliminate the problem all together we say.

All the perks with less of the guilt

3. You will still reap all the benefits from different variables of shampoo in a shampoo bar. We’ve come a long way since opting for cruelty-free and vegan alternatives naturally meant that you were compromising on scent, quality and affordability. Our shampoo bars, and other out there, specialise in thickening, shine, moisturising and all that other good stuff on a bank-friendly budget. You name it, we’ve got it. Check out our Ultra Volume Blow Dry shampoo bar here.

All for one, one for all

4. Anybody can use them. Of course, shampoo and all beauty products are unisex when you think about it, however they aren't always branded this way. The good thing is you don’t have to head to a women’s beauty section to find our magnificent shampoo bars, just order them online. They’re user friendly and utterly genderless. 

5. Because other people have joined the shampoo bar revolution and loved it! If you can’t take our word for just how excellent our invention is, have a search online. Beauty journalists up and down the country are raving on about the next big thing, and shampoo bars is one you do not want to pass by.

It’s simple really. Ditch the plastic junk and join the waste free funk. Switch to bars and you’ll go far. You get the point...