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5 soap bar myths BUSTED.

Ok, it's time to swap FICTION for FACTS, babe.


Whilst we are all guilty of holding on to certain old wives tales example: if I see a herd of cows lying down under a tree, there’s a 100% chance I’m taking my umbrella out with me - some myths are better off being exposed for what they really are, which is myths.

Let’s be serious, we can’t all still be frightened to pick a dandelion for fear of wetting ourselves, can we? Have a look below for a little list of dirty lies and ridiculous soapy myths that we’ve busted for your benefit. Thank us later.

1. Bar soap is unhygienic

FACT: when you use a bar of soap, it lifts and rinses dirt and germs from your skin, so in the same way they are removed from your skin, they are removed from the bar.

It’s an incorrect but everyday assumption that bacteria festers on soap bars. Yes, there will always be a few microbes kicking about on your bars surface but none of these are remotely harmful or different to those collected in the lid of a bottle. Provided you rinse your bar, store it properly and let it dry out there’s absolutely no reason that there should be a great deal of bacteria on your little block of bliss at all. Plus, we’d put money on it being less germy and dirty than your smart phone screen, your finger nails or your DM’s! Don’t worry – we all need a little filth, right?

2. Soap doesn’t lather well

Typically, the bubbles that form from liquid body washes come from the harmful SLS and foam boosters that they contain. Because of this, most people tend to believe that it’s impossible for a soap to lather as well. Alas, this just isn’t true.

Soap needs no synthetic additives to create lather or to clean, because soap is a natural surfactant. What is a surfactant I hear you say? Let us go all sassy scientist on you for a second. A surfactant is a compound that lowers the surface tension between a liquid and a solid (like water and a soap bar) thus acting as a foaming agent (aka creating that silky white lather). So, because soap in its raw form already is a surfactant, it not only makes great bubbles and lathers super well but it helps clean oily dirt from your skin – naturally!

3. Soap bars dry out your skin

It’s a common misconception that soap bars = super dry skin. In fact, some soaps are packed full of fatty oils and butters, which means they keep skin hydrated, moisturised and replenished. It is however the job of a soap bar, to CLEANSE your skin, to do this is must strip your skin of some of its natural oils in order to rid any bad odour and dirt. 

Let’s take our soap for example. As you know, nuddy soap bars are made with African raw Shea Butter, which is a fat derived from Shea tree nuts and is an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening the skin, not drying it out. So that's what our soaps do, they strip the necessary oils from your skin and then restore moisture. The rich tree nut oils in Shea Butter find it easy to soak into your skin, creating a soft barrier that seals in moisture and can last for hours and hours on end. Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about.

 4. Premium soap prices are high, and durability is low

Though the price of more premium, crap free soap can often be more expensive than its liquid counterparts, on average consumers use a hell of a lot more of the runny stuff than bar soap at one time.

This means in the period it takes you to get through one of our solid 100g bars, you’ve probably used at least two to three bottles of body wash which is not only wasteful but also much more harmful to your bank balance in the long run. Plus, if you purchase one of nuddy’s ‘Sets of 5’ you should be kept squeaky clean for around 6 months - which is a win-win for both the planet and your pockets! ONLY £20.95 for 6 months worth of sweet-smelling goodness baby - WOW.

5. Bar soap should never be used on your face, right?

Actually, wrong. As we’ve already mentioned, people like to throw shade towards bar soap for being drying on the skin and argue that it can actually damage the outer layer of skin in delicate areas like the face causing accentuated wrinkles, acne and inflammation.

If we look at the facts however, bar soaps contain way less irritants, harmful toxins and sensitisers than other products. It’s these components that can prematurely age and damage your skin, as anything that contains water in its ingredient lists has to include a preservative and we all know that they are not good news. The way that soap is made allows you to add a higher concentration of pure, good-for-you ingredients so it’s packed full of helpful (not harmful) properties.

Also, for everyone who loves a real life story - I once met 78-year-old lady who had ZERO wrinkles. Her secret? Nothing but soap and water, baby.

Give it a go and let us know what you think!

 Words by Lauren Wallace.