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5 Ways To Make Your Haircare Routine More Sustainable.

For those of us with hair, it's important to establish a haircare routine that works best for your locks. From washing, to treating, there are so many crucial elements to get your tresses in tip-top condition- but where does sustainability fit into all of this?

Talking a walk down your local Boots haircare aisle, you'll be overwhelmed by the sight of one thing: PLASTIC. Ensuring your haircare routine is as eco-friendly as possible is not always an easy task, but don't worry- we've got your back. We're here to walk you through 5 simple ways you can make your haircare routine that little bit more sustainable. Ready? Let's dive in...

1. Ditch the bottled shampoo

Okay, so this is an obvious one. Our shampoo bars are a GREAT way to make your haircare routine more sustainable- they're 100% plastic free and help you to save on excess water. Not only is it a great way to stop using as many plastic bottles, it lasts at least twice as long as regular shampoo, which means it helps the planet AND your purse. Shop HERE.

2. Swap your plastic hairbrush

Keeping your hair knot-free often means relying on your plastic hairbrush- but think about how much plastic is being wasted if everyone buys multiple in their lifetime. Why not swap your brush for a more environmentally-friendly option- like a bamboo brush? These are much less wasteful (many can be recycled) AND they're miles better for looking after your hair.

3. When plastic is unavoidable- use recycled/recyclable bottles

We get it- not all of your fave hair products are available in plastic free form. Where possible, we suggest using bottles that are either made from recycled materials, or ones that can be recycled. With the help of terracycle, lots more bottled products are available to be given a new life- and we think that's much better than just turning to waste.

4. Upcycle your bottles

When recycling is impossible, why not repurpose your haircare bottles into something else? A quick look on Pinterest will provide you with endless inspo for what your packaging can become- from plant hanging baskets, to a phone charging station, you can always turn any waste into something new. Get your creativity flowing, honey.

5. Organic cotton hair accessories

Large Scrunchies UK Cotton Hair Bands Scrunchie Pack image 1

We don't know about you, but our hair is forever in a messy bun. But what about environmentally friendly hair accessories? We love using scrunchies made from organic cotton- not only are they less damaging on your hair, they are also made from more sustainable materials, rather than any that are made cheaply and unethically. Plus, there are a whole host of gorgeous accessories to be found (Etsy is great for this!)

Shop our award-winning, plastic free shampoo bars HERE.