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5 Ways To Reduce Plastic in the Your Beauty Routine.

Happy Plastic Free July everyone! This month we are celebrating being a plastic free brand by giving you our top tips on ditching that toxic craaaap. You may not have even considered just how much plastic there is kicking about in your makeup bag, but trust us, there's a LOT.

From concealer tubes to lipstick cases, it can be difficult to find ways to reduce the plastic in your beauty routine. That's why we've put together five easy steps you can take to make your routine that little bit more sustainable. Ready? Let's go...



1). Switch to plastic-free makeup brushes.

If, like us, you're guilty of owning a few too many makeup brushes, why not make the switch to plastic free ones instead? There are many brands that create incredible brushes made from bamboo or recycled material, meaning you can get a flawless face, without costing the earth. We particularly like Eco Tools Interchangeable brushes- you simply switch the heads onto the same handle and you have a multitude of brushes in one. Clever!

2). Refill those palettes!

Down To Earth 8-Shade Case

There are loads of brands that offer refillable makeup palettes and we think its a great idea. From Mac, to The Body Shop, to Wearth London, there are a tonne of options that allow you to keep your base and swap your colours. Not only does this save on plastic, it also means you can customise your palettes, which is super handy when it comes to travelling.

3). Ditch the disposable makeup pads.


 Not only do disposable cotton pads and makeup wipes waste natural resources and struggle to decompose, they also come in excess plastic that ultimately ends up being thrown into landfill or the environment. We love these reusable pads by Smuge, which make removing makeup or applying toner easy and waste free. Plus, they're waaaaay better for your skin.

4). Plastic free period care.

&sisters All Products Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons

Period care is something that can unfortunately contribute to the issue of single waste plastic pollution. That's why we love brands like &Sisters, who create period products that are better for the environment and your body. From reusable menstrual cups, to organic, plastic free pads and tampons, switching to sustainable period care is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption this Plastic Free July.

5). Get in the nuddy...

If you hadn't grasped it already, we are super proud of the fact we are a plastic free brand. From ditching the plastic bottles for shampoo and soap bars, to making the switch to a lifelong safety razor over disposable options, we think that turning your bathroom into a plastic free zone is a great way to do your bit for the planet. Plus our bars are perfect for travelling, meaning your makeup bag can be plastic free at home and away.