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5 Winter Skincare Tips.

It’s almost ‘chapped lips, tight skin and flaky scalp’ season. That’s right people, somehow, it’s nearly winter again! With the clocks going back this week, we don’t know about you but we kind of feel like we’re living in darkness. The 5pm sunsets are rolling in, the rain is here, the snow is coming, and the wind is blowing a gale. And your skin? Well, your skin needs to be prepared. 

From your head to your toes, we’ve rounded up some of the best skincare tips you can put into practice this winter to make sure your skin stays both happy and hydrated.  

Hydrate from the inside 

Coffee might be life, but green tea and water are 100% better for your complexion. We know you know this, but it’s true so we’re saying it again. Make sure you drink plenty of these hydrating concoctions throughout the day and also eat foods that are high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants too. Things like berries, salmon and walnuts are the best for this. 

Turn down the heat 

If you’re finding your skin is suffering a fair bit already, then it’s time to turn down the heat. Dry indoor heating and long hot baths or showers tend to zap your skin of its natural moisture and oils, leaving you dry, itchy and prone to skin cracks. This is not an ideal situation, we repeat, not an ideal situation. Use warm water instead of hot for your showers and baths and try reducing the time you spend in them to around 10 minutes. Always use soaps that contain moisturisers (like ours) and if you want a soak in the bath, add some nourishing bath oils to help sooth your skin. Finally, never rub your skin with your towel when it’s feeling the effects of the cold air. Pat yourself dry with a soft towel and whack on your fluffy dressing gown – you know you’ll be living in it come November anyway! 

Never forget to wear SPF 
The sun might not be out to play as much as it is in summer, but it’s just as important to wear SPF in November-February as it is the rest of the year. The sun’s UV rays remain powerful for the full 12 months, so we recommend using at least a SPF30 sun lotion – especially on your face alongside any other skin parts that will be uncovered when you head outside. You can probably leave off your toes for this one…

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise  

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that one of the best ways to take care of your skin is to moisturise frequently, and to use products that contain moisturising agents. Moisturisers act as a seal to trap in the moisture to your skin and prevent heavy water loss. In the winter months, they need to be applied more often and especially after your bath or shower. Top tip: always try applying your moisturiser within 5 minutes of hopping out the shower as this helps to reduce water lost in your skin through evaporation. Layer it on all over your body and reap the benefits. And for your lips? They also need to be given some moisturising love because they’re super prone to cracking and bleeding from all that we use them for (talking, eating, you know…). Try applying a trusty lip balm morning, noon and night – and especially just as you’re about to leave the door. Having moist lips when you hit the cold air will help to stave off those chapped symptoms. Pssst. Don’t lick them when they’re sore, either. Mums are always right; this makes them worse so try your best to just apply a good lip balm and let it work its magic.

Replenish your skin overnight 

During the night, your skin is at its most receptive to your skincare treatments. It’s also a time where no-one (or only a few people) see you, so you can apply whatever you want without worrying about judgment. If you are bothered about judgement anyway, I mean we’re in 2020 so we should all be able to apply sudocrem to our whole face and not get embarrassed about it, right? Anyway, swap your makeup wipes for a gentle cleanser and apply some healthy helpings of skin softening treatments right before bedtime so you can wakeup feeling as supple as your silk pjs.  

Words by Lauren Wallace