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5 Shampoo Bar Myths: BUSTED.

Shampoo... in a bar? For anyone who has always sworn by bottled hair care, making the switch to a bar can be a little daunting to say the least. In years gone by, shampoo bars were a niche within a very plastic dominated market- but as consumers have become more aware of the impact of their shopping habits, the bar is well and truly taking off.  

Alongside their environmental benefits, nuddy shampoo bars save space AND do an even better job than your regular bottled alternatives. Still not convinced? Let us break down some shampoo bar myths for you... 

1. Shampoo bars aren't as good as bottled shampoos.

That's where you're wrong, honey. Our shampoo bars have been tested on 100s of babes to make sure they give incredible results. They contain no SLS/Paraben/Phthalates, which are found in most regular shampoos. These ingredients are known irritants that cause dryness and damage to the hair and scalp. Our bars contain organic coconut and argan oil, which moisturise and protect the hair, plus their formulas are not watered down like most shampoos- meaning you get more washes for your money. That's right, shampoo bars aren't just a fad- they are the BEST for achieving incredible locks.

2. Using a shampoo bar means I'll have to endure the dreaded 'transition' phase.

Okay, we get it- shampoo bars have had a bit of a bad reputation over the years. Many bars leave customers in limbo when it comes to what's known as a transition phase. This refers to the days/weeks it may take the hair to readjust to shampoo bar formulas that contain no sulfates- when the hair has been used to these chemicals for so long, it may overcompensate its production of natural oils. This can leave the hair greasy/waxy for a period of time as your hair readjusts to your new bar. Thankfully, our bars don't leave you in desperate need of updating your hat collection because you have to hide your oily roots- we are transition phase FREE. 

3. Shampoo bars won't lather up like my usual shampoo.

We are super proud of the extra creamy lather created by our bars. Even though they don't contain the usual drying, lathering agents, our bars still lather up to perfection. When it comes to washing your hair, we recommend holding your nuddy bar under running water for 10 seconds to activate the lather. Once wet, rub the bar between your hands and then onto your scalp to get lathered up. You will be amazed at the bubbles produced from your bar!

4. My shampoo bottle is made from recycled plastic so I don't need to go plastic free.

 There are many brands that green wash their products by using bottles that are made from recycled materials. While this is a step in the right direction, we think that being totally plastic free is the only way forward. Plastic has a lifespan of 1000 years- even when it's being recycled, it's still clogging up our planet in the long run. All of our products and packaging are 100% plastic free and they look CUTE. AS. HELL. If you want a shampoo that is saving the planet, works a treat on your hair and looks adorable in your bathroom, nuddy is the way to go.

5. My hair has specific needs so a shampoo bar won't work for me.

Our bars have been tested on hair types of allllllllllll kinds. From fine hair, to thick hair, wavy to straight, we have had incredible results on every babe out there. If you suffer from a dry scalp, don't worry-our bars have worked wonders on babes suffering from eczema-type conditions and dandruff. Our bars are also curly girl method approved, which means they work a treat on those of you who have been graced with curly locks.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop our shampoo bar collection here.