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Coconuts for coconut oil.

Ahhhhh coconuts- they remind us of tropical holidays, summer cocktails and... great hair. Yes that's right, coconuts harbour the secret to achieving all of your hair's wildest dreams- it's all in their oil. Coconut oil has been a hero amongst the hair community for decades, but it actually dates back to thousands of years ago when it was used by women in India for its beauty, hair and health benefits.

That's why we've included coconut oil as the main ingredient in our shampoo bars- they don't only clean your hair, they treat it too. Want to know exactly why coconut oil is the secret to great hair? No fear, nuddy diaries is here...

Preventing protein loss.

The hair is a magical thing. It contains proteins which are essential for keeping your hair healthy and encouraging hair growth. 80-85% of your locks are composed of a protein called keratin, which keeps your hair in its growing stage. Many people who have a low protein diet experience hair breakage, which prevents hair from growing past a certian length. So what does this all have to do with coconut oil? Studies have shown that coconut oil prevents protein loss within the hair, which will help avoid breakage and encourage hair growth. This can be accredited to its make up- it contains the medium fatty acid, lauric acic, which makes it more easily absorbed into the hair shaft. Strong and healthy hair incoming...

The damage is(n't) done.

Coconut oil can help to prevent damage when used on wet hair. Your hair is at it's most vulnerable when its damp, because water creates a structural change in its cuticle. Coconut oil prevents as much water from being absorbed into the hair, which effectively reduces the amount of breakage your wet hair is prone to. Our shampoo bars are the perfect way to reap the benefits of coconut oil. As you're lathering up, it's working it's protective magic on your lovely locks.

Shiny, sleek and smooth.

Having moisturised, shiny hair is a desire for people with all hair types. If you want locks that are shinier than your ex's future, coconut oil is here to help. It helps to hydrate the hair and maintain it's strength, which results in that extra glossiness you've been craving. Whilst all three of our shampoo bars are tailored to different needs, they will all leave your hair sleek and shiny as hell. 

Detangled and defrizzed.

Coconut oil's high density mean it helps the cuticle to retain moisture- it essentially seals in the hydration, which results in less frizz for your locks. This helps when it comes to combing out your tresses- you will find that your hair is easier to detangle and looks super sleeeeeeek. That means that when it comes to styling, your hair will be much easier to manage- YAY.

Flake off.

Alongside the benefits for your hair lengths, coconut oil also has incredible benefits for your scalp. For anyone who suffers with dreaded dandruff or dryness, you'll know the struggle of finding something that helps keep your scalp hydrated, without making it greasy. Coconut oil is great for treating dry scalps, plus, using our shampoo bars mean you can wash it in and out, without fear of it giving you oily roots. If you're in need of banishing the flakes away, our bars are the perfect solution for you.

Now that you've discovered all the wonderful benefits of this tropical oil, it's time to raise the bar for you hair (literally). Choose from our three divine scents that each serve their own purpose orrrrr bundle up and get your hands on all three. You can shop our award-winning shampoo bars here.

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