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How to keep your hands super soft.

Let’s be real, hand hygiene is mega important. But it’s equally important to look after your skin and keep it as soft as possible.

Even normal everyday tasks can take their toll on your hands, from cooking and driving to gardening and working out. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure your skin doesn’t suffer!

Here are our top tips for super silky hands:

Mari-golden girl

Who doesn’t love the sparkle and shine of a newly-cleaned house? Some cleaning products can be a little abrasive on your skin, so make sure you whip out the Marigolds! Rubber gloves are your #1 bestie when it comes to protecting your skin. Whether you’re giving the counter a quick wipe or seriously deep cleaning the shower, these will stop your hands getting dried or damaged.

Nail it

The secret to a cracking mani? A cheeky bit of cuticle oil to strengthen the skin around your nails! Just a drop or two around your cuticles can soften and heal your skin, and can also keep your mani looking better for longer. Plus, they smell gorge. Win-win-win!

Cotton on

Think looking after your hands takes a lot of time and effort? Think again! You can keep your skin super soft even when you’re snoozing. Before bed, apply your usual hand cream, and then pop on a pair of thin cotton gloves. This will really lock in the moisture, leaving you with amazing silky hands in the morning.

Want to elevate your skincare routine? Pop some scrub on your hands first to get rid of any dead skin, and then rub in your moisturiser – it’s JVN-approved!

Anti the anti-bac

Anti-bac hand gel was one of the major cast members of 2020, but it’s not the kindest for your skin. And your girl here should know – I’ve been binge-using the stuff since 2009!

It’s perfect for when you’re on-the-go, but when you’re at home try sticking to more sensitive skincare options. 

Moisturising hand wash (or preferably soap- we'll talk about that next) is just as effective at cleaning your hands, so try grabbing this next time you’re in the shop.

Soap, glorious soap

And speaking of sensitive skincare… did we mention our fab soap bars? Our bars are gentle, moisturising, and suitable for those with skin conditions like  Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea. They are made with raw African Shea butter and contain no drying ingredients that are found in most regular bars/bottles- SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, we're talking to you.

Anti-bacterial, kind to your skin, and triple-milled to last ages – what’s not to love? Shop our super moisturising soap bars HERE.