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Introducing: Our NEW solid Shampoo Bar!

Ready to steal a peach of your heart – or just a section on your bathroom shelf



Close your eyes and picture this: pure shampoo in a bar, like our soap, but for your hair – no waste, no unnecessary plastic, no harsh chemicals and with a scent like a fresh fruit bowl.

Open your eyes… no, you weren’t dreaming but this shampoo bar is about to give you the hair of your dreams! We told you a bathroom revolution was coming, and we are alllllll about the bars over bottles movement, baby. 

Our brand-new Acai Berry & Peach shampoo bar is ready to shape up your shower time like no other, and it’s bound to make you want to lather, rinse and repeat all year round. 

It’s plastic-free, leaves your hair shiny and when the doors to international travel open once more, we’re literally saving you a good few g’s on your luggage weight. That’s room for at least another bikini – just in case. You’re welcome! 

So, if you’re up for creating a smaller carbon footprint and using a shampoo bar that’s luxurious, lightweight, long-lasting and eco-friendly – but you also want an at home blow dry effect, then you’re in the right place. 

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about our new shampoo bar, from how to use it to how to store it and how LONG we’ve been developing it. As the bar trend is moving north of the body, we’ve got the low-down on all things nuddy shampoo bar for you! 

Why should you use a shampoo bar? 

We are absolute advocates of the great old bathroom switcheroo. Body wash for bar soap, and now liquid shampoo for shampoo bars but with damn good reason…

Both compact and convenient, shampoo bars are not only eco-friendly, travel-friendly and plastic free, but they tend to have a natural ingredient list – like ours, which is pH balanced and contains natural oils only. 

Shampoo bars also have a greater longevity in comparison to a bottle of the runny stuff. How long does a shampoo bar last, we hear you ask? Well, one bar of our new Acai Berry & Peach shampoo will get you approximately 80 washes, which is the equivalent of at least two to three bottles of your regular run-of-the-mill bottle. 

Not to mention that because these little bars of heaven are much smaller than bottles of shampoo, they can pile higher in a lorry for transport, thus lowering the carbon footprint of transportation and being nicer to the environment. 

How else is a nuddy’s new shampoo bar eco-friendly? 

Shampoo bars contain less water, take less water to be produced and our Acai Berry & Peach bar comes in 100% recyclable packaging, so you won’t be one of the Brits contributing to the 5.5 billion plastic bottles that end up in landfill in the UK each year. 

What’s more, our shampoo bar doesn’t include those icky additives that loads of normal shampoos contain such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – an agent that’s damaging both to your hair and the environment. 

Long lasting and totally recyclable – just a bit of pink cardboard stands between you and sleek, shiny, voluminous hair.

So, what’s in this nuddy shampoo bar?  

Say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair and hello to hair with body and shine so you can look like you just stepped out from a pricey blow dry, every day! 

Our Acai Berry and Peach shampoo bar is over 12 months in the making because we tested dozens of formulations to bring you the best! 

Each bar contains the hair-friendly ingredients coconut oil and argan oil, which themselves comprise of several antioxidants and essential vitamins E & K. 

This means our nuddy shampoo bar doesn’t just clean your hair but provides it with treatment, too. It’s also super gentle on the scalp due to a lack of SLS or parabens, which can cause irritation if used too much. 

We tested this bar on hundreds of babes before bringing it to you and its proven to work wonders for those with dandruff or scalp psoriasis because our bar is: 

  • pH balanced - (around 6 on the scale)
  • sls/paraben free
  • vegan friendly
  • cruelty free
  • made in the U.K
  • has no transition period

This is a little luxury at a purse-friendly price and offers you and your hair a volume enhanced look, all straight from the bar (and just the way we like it)!

What’s a transition period? 

It’s a phase used to describe transitioning over from liquid shampoo to bar shampoo, because sometimes with other brands your hair might take a while to get used to the new cleansing agent. 

With nuddy’s Acai Berry and Peach shampoo bar, on the other hand, you don’t really need a transition phase. In fact, we’ll outright say there is no ‘transition period’. 

We’re confident that after your first few washes your hair will feel super sleek and soft because our bars are both cleansing and moisturising, meaning no waxy feel on the hair at all. 

How to use a shampoo bar 

Prepping your hair to use a shampoo bar is the same as if you were using liquid shampoo, only this time you’ll be washing with a bar that smells berry good, if we do say so ourselves. 

Get rid of all your knots and tangles with a hard bristle brush or comb and wet your hair. There’s then one of two ways you can use a shampoo bar:

  1. Lather the bar up between wet hands and massage the lather into your hair – as you would with liquid shampoo. This is our favourite method as you can really get your fingers in to work.
  2. Wet the bar and rub this directly onto your hair in circular motions, making sure to try cover all areas. 

Are shampoo bars better than liquid shampoo? 

Our simple answer is yes, but we know were a little biased. It’s up to you to do the research and see what you think, so why not try it out and see for yourself?

If we pop the cold hard facts down on the page however, shampoo bars definitely provide a lower the cost the environment, last a heck of lot longer and contain way more beautiful and natural ingredients than their counterparts. 

If that doesn’t persuade you, then surely a gorgeous scent like Acai Berry and Peach will – just make sure you keep your bar in good condition. 

How to store shampoo bars 

Storing your nuddy shampoo bar will be just the same as storing your nuddy soap bar. We recommend keeping it out of a direct water line when you’re not using and to sit it on a dish or a rack so it can dry out completely. 

Do you need to use a conditioner after a nuddy shampoo bar? 

It’s totally up to you! If you have particularly dry hair, then using a conditioner after using our shampoo bar will of course make your hair softer. 

However, our bars are made with the extremely nourishing and moisturising oils ‘Coconut’ and ‘Argan’. This means lots of people don’t feel the need to use a conditioner after washing their hair with this bar, as once dried, their hair is sleek, shiny and sassy straight off the bat.