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nuddy Shampoo Bars: Salon Quality.

Want to make the switch to a more environmentally friendly haircare option but don't want to compromise on quality? Shampoo bars often have the reputation of being a bit, well, crap, so you might be surprised to find out that our shampoo bars are actually salon quality.

Here at nuddy, we believe that you shouldn't have to choose between helping the planet and having great hair- both are of great importance. When we formulated our shampoo bars, we wanted to change the preconception that choosing sustainable hair care was a trade in for high quality products. So, let us talk you through what makes our bars salon-worthy...


7 Benefits of Argan Oil

One of the perks of using a shampoo bar is that you get all the concentrated formula, without the excess, wasteful water. Our shampoo bars are curated with organic argan and coconut oils, which hydrate and nourish the hair shaft. Maintaining a healthy hair shaft will help reduce the chance of breakage, encourage hair to grow longer and shinier. We wanted to ensure that our bars not only wash, but treat the hair- and it's safe to say we succeeded.


Three Reasons Why Your Shampoo Shouldn't Lather –

Most shampoo bars contain SLS, a lathering agent that creates the bubbling effect that helps you to wash your locks. So, what's the problem with that? Well, SLS can cause dryness and damage to the hair and scalp, particularly if your scalp is already on the sensitive side. This ingredient is avoided by hairdressers due to it's damaging effects, which is why you won't find it in many salon-stocked shampoos. That's why we decided to cut the SLS from our ingredients- we wanted to ensure that our formulation was of eco friendly AND salon worthy. Find out more about the other damaging ingredients we excluded from our ingredients list here.


Don't believe that real hairdressers recommend our shampoo bars? Amy Barrett is the co-owner of North East hair salon, Copper Rose. She stocks and recommends our Ultra Volume Blow Dry Shampoo Bars to her clients.


"The shampoo bars sell so well in the salon, my clients absolutely love the fact they’re plastic free, not only that but they love how much volume they give their hair! A lot of my clients are always looking for products/ ways to make they’re hair thicker or have more volume, so once they try the nuddy bars they’re amazed at how much volume they give!

I always recommend it as a ‘pre night out blowdry bar’! 

They’re also great for my colour clients as they don’t have any harsh chemicals which strip the colour!"


Amy even sells our award-winning bars in her salon! If you want to get involved in the salon-quality action, check out our shampoo bar collection here.