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Soap Bar Solution.

Say goodbye to skin sensitivities and hello to the soap bar solution.

We know it’s hard to find ‘the one’ when every skincare product claims to cater to your every need. 

Especially when nowadays, whilst we aimlessly search for the next best thing to take home to mum, the words ‘clean’, ‘free from’ and ‘natural’ carry little to no weight because frankly, they’re everywhere and can be a little overwhelming.

Then there’s the ones to avoid. The bad boys full of no no’s that strip you of your moisture blanket and disrupt your skin barrier. Ones full of empty promises that begin oh, so hopeful, but before long leave right back where you started.

So, what’s your skin type? In past times, you may have been after a product that was rich, full of fragrance and popular amongst the ladies, after all, you’ve never considered yourself the sensitive type. Truth is, 60-70% of women and 50-60% of men are indeed sensitive souls when it comes to their complexion. 

Quite surprisingly, even having common conditions such as Rosacea, Milia or hyperpigmentation can mean you fall under the umbrella of having sensitive skin. 

With this newfound knowledge, taking care of the largest organ in your body and using products with careful ingredients is all the more important to consider. 

Ah, that’s where we come in. If you’re on the hunt for a product that supports your dreams, needs and sensitivities, holds the planet dear to its heart and promises you flavour on a Sunday morning and not just a Saturday night, nuddy is the one for you.

Here’s a no-BS-breakdown of why our soap is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

We’re SLS free!

The mention that a product is free from an ingredient leads you to the assumption that it must therefore be harmful and you’re probably better off without it. In this case, you’d be absolutely right. In the same way you may be familiar with haircare products boasting they are sulphate free, SLS (which stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) is a foaming agent which is also used in skincare brands to create that highly sought-after lather when activated with water. Issue is, it can be very irritating to sensitive skin and can damage your skin barrier. At nuddy, we like our soaps to be shaken, not stirred and most definitely sulphate free. 

Our blends are manufactured using raw African shea butter

Our secret weapon responsible for leaving skin soft and silky is our main ingredient, shea butter. It’s sourced from a shea tree meaning the oil is technically a nut product, but has no proven allergens. Yet another reason you’ve got the green flag to slather our soaps on any skin type. Widely known for its moisturising benefits, shea butter’s fatty acid content restores lipids leaving your skin bouncy and plump. It’s also proven to hold anti-inflammatory properties and act as an antioxidant. The list goes on but in short, it’s a super ingredient packed with hydrating benefits. 

We don’t do anything in singles or doubles. That’s why we are triple milled. 

Essentially this means we mill our soap three times to get it perfect. Too little milling can mean the ingredients aren’t mixed well enough, and going overkill can deduct too much water from the mixture. It’s most definitely an artform. Triple milling ensures more actual soap is produced, the longevity of the bar and a smoother formula that glides onto your skin. No hard lumps or exfoliating textures means no physical irritation to the skin. Just what we like to hear. 

Oh, and we’re cruelty free and vegan too…

It’s also about time we did our bit for the planet and feel morally better, right? More sustainable products are where it’s at and thinking about your purchases can be the most realistic method to do just that, especially when we as a nation are estimated to spend a hair-raising £1.36 billion on skincare this coming year. Evidently in a global pandemic we are an island of comfort shoppers… 

The good thing is that no animals were harmed in the process of creating our beloved nuddy products. Not one bit. Also, using soap bars that last longer as an alternative to plastic shower gel bottles means you’re reducing your plastic waste. All of our products are also made in the UK contributing less to harmful air pollution too. Smell great whilst saving the planet? Tick.


Words by Amy Arfi