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The Best Eco Conscious Beauty Tools.

When it comes to the beauty industry, plastic can be VERY difficult to avoid. Whether it’s eyeshadow palettes or makeup brush handles, plastic is the go to material for most components and packaging of beauty products due to its cheap, easy production. According to, the beauty industry produces more than 120 billion units of plastic packaging annually- and only 9% of this waste produce has been recycled. We all know how damaging plastic is to the environment (it can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose), but have you ever thought about the part it plays in your beauty routine?

If you take a look though your makeup bag, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be finding plastic left, right and centre. Be it in packaging or even in the product itself, it is extremely disheartening to see just how much plastic has a part to play in beauty consumerism. But don’t worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re wanting to do your bit for the planet, we have rounded up some of our favourite eco conscious beauty tools that will help your makeup bag become that little bit more sustainable. These super easy swaps are either plastic free or made from recycled materials, plus, they'll make you look and feel great.

Smuge Reusable Make Up Remover Pads

Smuge are one of our favourite plastic free skincare brands and we are obsessed with their reusable face pads. These are perfect for removing your makeup with your favourite cleanser or for applying toners during your skincare regime- just throw them in the washing machine after use and they're good to go. Switching to reusable face pads means you are cutting out the daily wastage of cotton pads (not to mention the plastic bags they are packaged in) and can say bye, bye, to make up wipes. Makeup wipes contain strong fragrances and chemicals which strip the skin of its natural moisture, not to mention they contain fibres that contaminate the environment when thrown away AND they can't be recycled. This is such a simple switch, that will save you big bucks in the long run.

Ecotools Interchangeable Make Up Brushes


Ever thought about how much plastic is used in the handles of your makeup brushes? Well, Ecotools has. They’ve come up with the absolutely genius idea of  interchangeable makeup brushes. Their sets contain two handles of differing sizes (made from 100% recycled plastic and aluminium), alongside various brush heads- you simply pop on, and get applying. These brushes are also vegan, cruelty free, and come in biodegradable packaging, AKA a planet-loving babe's dream. 

Peace With the Wild Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

Most hair brushes are made from plastic and can actually cause damage to the hair cuticle- not this brush, though. Made with natural rubber and sustainable bamboo, this brush is 100% natural, biodegradable and plastic free, meaning you can get super luscious hair without the harm or the guilt. As well as the environmental benefits, bamboo brushes are known to help increase shine and reduce static, whilst also being a much gentler detangler. Are you sold yet? We are.

So Eco Natural Jute Body Glove

Exfoliation is key, baby. Whilst everyone likes a body scrub, many of them contain microbeads, AKA small plastic particles which buff the skin. Even scrubs that don't contain these nasties often come in plastic containers which clog up the planet and your bathroom cabinet. Why not ditch the scrub in favour of a body glove, like So Eco's? An exfoliating mitt cuts out the middle man- simply lather up (we recommend nuddy soap bars) and rub your body in circular motions to get rid of dead skin cells and improve circulation. This glove is plant-based, biodegradable, 100% compostable and will last you ageeeees.

Boobalou The Environmental Toothbrush

Now, we all need a good toothbrush to look after our pearly whites. The issue is, regular plastic toothbrushes are advised to be ditched every 3 months, which means a potential 264 million are thrown away every year, just in the UK. One way you can aid this problem is by switching to a bamboo toothbrush. Boobalou's Environmental Toothbrush is made from Moso bamboo, a sustainable timber grown by local farmers, plus it's vegan friendly and fair traded. Moso bamboo is also 'panda-friendly' as they do not eat it, or live where it is grown. Now that's something to smile about.

nuddy Full Body Safety Razor

Disposable razors are a huge issue when it comes to plastic pollution, especially as most can't be recycled due to them being made of various materials. In 2018, 5.5 million people in the UK were using disposable razors, which means a huuuuuge amount of plastic is being thrown away annually. Luckily for you, nuddy has just the solution. Our safety razors are 100% plastic free, instead made of brass- meaning they can last you a LIFETIME. They also offer a much smoother shave and reduce your chance of razor burn- simply switch the blades after using each side 4-5 times and you're all good to reuse, baby. Our little pink beauties were even named The Indy's List's top environmentally friendly razor, beating the likes of Estrid to take the coveted top spot. Guaranteed to give you a smooth shave, help the planet and look hella cute in your bathroom.

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