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The Secret To Healing Your Dry Skin.

For many, the perils of flaky skin is a wintertime issue, but some of us are stuck with it all year round. From dermatitis to eczema, the plague of dry skin can be super frustrating, especially during the summertime when more of our body is exposed.

If you're in fear of braving your skin this summer, don't worry- nuddy is here to help. Our soap bars are the perfect way to aid your dry skin concerns and ensure you're feeling your most happy and confident.

Anyone who's suffered from dry skin will know that hydrating ingredients are key. That's why our soap bars contain raw African Shea butter, which has a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins- making it a great product to treat your skin. 

Our soap bars are also free from regular drying ingredients that are found in most cheaper soaps and shower gels. One of these is SLS, a lathering agent that is hugely prevalent within the body and haircare market. The issue with this ingredient is the fact it maaaaajorly dries out the skin, which is why we've skipped it when forumulating our bars. Instead, we've opted for nourishing oils and Shea butter to ensure our lather is moisturising AF. 

We have also cut out the paraben and phthalates from our ingredients list, both of which can be just as irritating to the skin. Here at nuddy, we put quality first to ensure our bars help nourish your skin as well as cleaning it. Avoiding nasty, cheap ingredients is essential to us- we want our bars to be your skin saviours.

We have had sooooo much feedback from our lovely community telling us how our bars have helped heal their dry skin conditions. From eczema to dermatitis, nuddy soap has helped your skin to get back to its best self. This was super important during the beginning of the pandemic, especially, when millions of us were washing our hands more often than ever. That's why we decided to give away free soap during the height of the pandemic to help keep your hands healthy and hydrated. 

Many of our recipients were fed up of having red raw hands from continuous scrubbing and were amazed by the healing powers of our soaps. I mean- if they can heal the sorest of hands, imagine how they could help with YOUR dry skin?! 

Are you convinced yet? Check out our collection of super moisturising soap bars HERE.