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What are clean ingredients?

The world of beauty and skincare is full of buzzwords- organic, natural, clean, the list is endless. Caring about what is actually inside your beauty products is becoming increasingly popular as the market expands. But that might not stop you from thinking WTF, whilst you wander the aisles of your local Boots.

Clean ingredients is a broad term that can be defined in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, it refers to ingredients that are harmless to the body, many of which are classed as natural or organic. Many of these formulas are free from 'chemical' based ingredients, instead opting for vegan, cruelty free alternatives. We are breaking down the subsections of clean ingredients so you will know exactly what you should be looking for when it comes to investing in your beauty and skin care.

What to look out for?


Vegan beauty refers to products that contain no animal derived ingredients. You might be thinking, why would there be animal byproduct in cosmetics and skincare?! Well, sadly, many of these ingredients are used to bind formulas and enhance products- gross, right? Fortunately, there are an increasing amount of brands that are making the switch to vegan based formula. nuddy has always been, and will always be 100% vegan- AKA, good for your body AND your conscience.

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Cruelty Free

CF beauty is a real movement. The age of animal testing is slowly evolving, meaning there are many brands that have said no to imposing cruelty on animals. Despite this, 500,000 animals are still killed, harmed and tortured in the name of cosmetics testing every year- this horrifying figure proves that there is still a long way to go in eradicating animal testing in the beauty industry. Here at nuddy, we choose to only test our products on fellow besties and babes (lucky them). Our shampoo bars, for example, have been tested 100s of gals to ensure they are amazing enough to serve our nuddy community- *spoiler alert* they certainly are.

Organic ingredients 

Organic ingredients refers to substances that have been grown 'naturally', ie. without genetically modified organisms and synthetic fertilisers. When it comes to skincare, this usually entails plant based, non synthetic ingredients. Products can be fully natural, or may include organic ingredients alongside other elements, too. Our shampoo bars include organic oils- argan and coconut- alongside the other necessary ingredients to create their lather (no SLS though- more on that later).

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What to avoid?


Parabens are a type of preservative that are used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of bacteria. The problem is, these chemicals can enter the body through the skin and are believed to disrupt hormone function. Whilst evidence is not concrete, there are also concerns that excess usage may have links to certain cancers. Some experts suggest using paraben containing products in moderation. The good news is, our bars contain NO parabens whatsoever, meaning you're free from any concerns over the damage they could cause your body. P.S. If you want to see whether products contain parabens, look out for these four ingredents: methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, isoparaben.


First of all, let's break it down. SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and it is usually added to shampoo to create it's lathering effect. The issue is, it is a known irritant that can cause damage, dryness and irritation to the skin and scalp. It can lead to dry and cracked skin and weakened hair, which is why we say NO to using this in our products. We are super proud to have created a shampoo bar that lathers just as well (if not better) than shampoos that contain SLS- all without the damage. Don't believe us? You can get a free trial of our shampoo bars on site.


Before we start, it's pronounced pha-late (yes, it looks like a mouthful). They are a type of chemical which are used to soften other ingredients, increase spreadability and increase absorbion, to name a few of their skills. The issue is, there are a whole range of possible health issues these chemicals can cause- from infertlity, to hormone interference to potentially increasing the chance of developing certain cancers. Whilst research is in early stages, many argue that avoiding phthalates is the best option to be on the safe side. All of our bars are 100% phthalate free, which means you can lather up without the cost to your health.

 When it comes to nuddy, our soap and shampoo bar formulas have been crafted with the your skin and body in mind- we don't want to be, quite literally, showering you with nasty ingredients.  

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