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In Conversation with &Sisters Founder: Lucy Lettice.

 Let's be honest- being a person with a vagina can be hard work sometimes. Whilst we are tough enough to carry on as usual during our time of the month, that doesn't mean it's all plain sailing. That's why we've reached out to the INCREDIBLE co-founder of sustainable period care brand &Sisters, Lucy Lettice. 

Lucy founded &Sisters with her mum, Claire and has been taking the personal care game by storm ever since. From tampons made from organic cotton, to their reusable menstrual cup, they are creating period care products that are great for your body AND the environment. We have been chatting to Lucy about how best to look after your intimate areas during your Hot Girl Summer.

1. When it comes to keeping clean, what is the best way to look after your vagina/vulva? 

For too long we've been ashamed of our bodies - vulvas & vaginas are not supposed to smell like flowers and roses, so using scented soaps and cleansers will only upset the natural pH and the good bacteria down there! Fresh clean water and towel drying is best!

2. There can be a lot of unnecessary stigmas surrounding female hygiene- how does &Sisters work to fight these? 

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One of the key pillars of &SISTERS is ‘better for our sisters’. We’re passionate about smashing stigma and fighting taboos around menstruation. It’s not just a problem here in the UK, it's is a global issue. Millions of girls across the world miss school because of their periods; often staying at home to avoid the shame of not being able to afford suitable period products, and in many cases, not having access to any menstrual sanitation at all. &SISTERS have vowed to donate 10% of profits to causes helping fight this, but we have a long way to go.

3. Having a hot girl summer means being your most confident self and having fun with your friends- what's your best advice for ensuring your period doesn't hinder your summer plans?

Planning is everything (as with most things in life!). A period cup is the best way to have hassle free fun (up to 12 hours of it!) but we’d always recommend carrying a liner or two - just in case! BUT, accidents do happen, be kind to yourself if they do! 

4. I really want to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to my time of the month- how can I achieve this? 


A simple switch from conventional products will help you avoid plastic applicators as well as micro-plastics (some mainstream pad brands contain up to 90% plastic!), so 100% organic cotton products are your way forward (which use plastic cardboard applicator that can be recycled!). If you’re looking to cut down on disposable waste altogether, opt for a nüdie cup, which helps save up to 2000 disposable period products going to landfill. 

5. I've heard all about your period cup but I have NO idea how to use it- where do I start?

Our nüdie is our hero product, because it’s a completely unique design with exclusive features not seen on any other cup on the market! We completely understand swapping to a cup is a big step! Once you’ve made the purchase, read through the easy-to-read instructions, and have a little ’try’ when you’re not on your period. It’s best when you’re super relaxed! It can take up to three months to get into your groove with the cup. And ANY questions you have, we’re always here to help!

A huge thank you to Lucy for chatting to us! You can get an EXCLUSIVE discount on &Sisters products with the code NUDDYSISTERS15.