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Millie Mclay: Women We Love.

Being an online content creator can mean many things. With a huge range of online presences out there, it can be difficult to find your niche and ensure your 'influencing' is done in the most positive of ways. When it comes to Millie Mclay,  she most certainly places positivity at the top of her agenda when it comes to her Instagram and TikTok channels.

As a qualified personal trainer, Millie ensures that body positivity and embracing your real, unfiltered self is at the forefront of her online conversations. Discussing everything from body hair, to being part of the LGBTQ+ community, to how to feel confident at the gym, we are obsessed with Millie's no holds barred approach to being herself online - which is why we were thrilled to find out she would love to take part in our International Women's Day edition of our Women We Love interview series.

Find out all about Millie's approach to being #unapologeticallyyourself in our interview below.

Hey honey! In light of International Women’s Day, we’re here to celebrate all things women. We believe that being unapologetically yourself is a fundamental part of being a woman - what parts of yourself do you LOVE?

I love my thick curly hair, even though it means i also grow lots of thick hair all over my body too:) be kind to yourself and see the beauty in your differences because that’s what makes us all unique and beautiful in our own ways.

Self acceptance is not always an easy thing to achieve. How do you overcome imposter syndrome when it comes to believing in yourself?
Trust yourself to make good decisions for yourself.  Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about you and celebrate your achievements with you. Take every opportunity to life throws at you, be bold in public because the more you do this the better you get at it:)

Surrounding yourself with positive figures is key to believing in yourself - which incredible women inspire you everyday and why?
My own insecurity when I was younger was my dark body hair that grows back instantly. I follow creators such as Clara Dao and Spencer Barbosa on tiktok who help me feel more body positive. I also follow Julie visnes and her gf camillalor who help me feel more comfortable in being open about my sexuality and also body positive . 

What is your top piece of advice for other women on how to be unapologetically themselves?
Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember your value doesn’t lie in how your body looks, you are valuable by being who YOU are and don’t worry about the opinions of other people.

You can follow Millie over at @milliemclay 💗

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