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Women We Love: Georgie Swallow.

Being unapologetically yourself is not always an easy feat, and sometimes it takes some crazy twists and turns to really help you love and appreciate yourself. That's one thing that Georgie Swallow wholeheartedly understands - her battles with blood cancer have helped inspire her to live life to the full and embrace herself exactly as she is - and she wants you to do the same.

We have had the privilege of chatting to Georgie about what being unapologetically herself means to her, and how her work as a body confidence content creator helps herself and others to truly love every part of themselves. 

In light of International Women’s Day, we’re here to celebrate all things women. We believe that being unapologetically yourself is a fundamental part of being a woman - what parts of yourself do you LOVE?

It’s important for me to focus on loving parts of myself that are more than just aesthetics as we grow up in a world so focussed on the outside, I think sometimes we forget what’s most important on the inside so I love how much empathy I have. I used to see it as such a flaw as I can get so emotional over so much but I’ve come to learn how magical it is to be able to really connect with other people and share their emotions. 

Self acceptance is not always an easy thing to achieve. How do you overcome imposter syndrome when it comes to believing in yourself?

I think it’s all about changing the narrative in your head. If you constantly allow those little voices in your noggin to doubt your capability, your strength, your beauty, then sadly, that’s what we believe but those voices can be changed! I’ve spent my entire life with a noggin full of self doubt and I’m discovering that if you stop those thoughts the minute they come in and challenge them with a positive one… slowly but surely, your head starts to focus on the positive!

If you don’t mind sharing, what personal obstacle have you had to overcome along your journey of self acceptance?

In the last few years I have had cancer twice which meant my body went through some big changes which I really struggled to accept. I lost my hair a couple of times and in those moments, I couldn’t see myself looking back in the mirror. I saw someone I didn’t recognise and that was hard. But something rather enlightening can come from facing mortality and that is how life can change in a blink of an eye so stop spending your time not accepting who you are. It’s cliche but life is short and you shouldn’t waste anymore time not accepting who you are. You are so beautiful and so worthy and now is the time to start believing that!

Surrounding yourself with positive figures is key to believing in yourself - which incredible women inspire you everyday and why?

I’ve always known how incredibly lucky I am to be surrounded by women who empower me on a daily basis, but one will always stand out and that’s my mum. She’s been through a lot and seeing how she keeps going day in day out gives me the strength to do the same. When I was sick, she was by my side every day. She never took a break and was so selfless. She inspires me more than she knows. 

What is your top piece of advice for other women on how to be unapologetically themselves? 

Every day, wake up and ask yourself, what makes me happy? What makes my soul shine? What makes me feel most like ME? and do it! 

It may sound cheesy but if dancing around your living room makes you happy, do it! If rocking a pair of shorts in the sun makes you happy, do it! If learning something new makes you happy, do it! Literally do all the things that make you smile and drown out any background noise of judgement and you will be your most unapologetically phenomenal self!!

You can follow Georgie over at @georgieeswallow 💗