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Women We Love: Beth Cooper.

Ever wondered what being a content creator on Instagram is *actually* like? The seemingly glamorous world of Insta can often appear glossed over, filtered and selective over what 'real' content is shared- but not for Beth Cooper.

Beth is the face behind @realbeautywithbeth- an account focused on sharing skin positive, cruelty free led, beauty content. Beth doesn't shy away from sharing real, unedited snapshots of her acne journey, alongside honest insights of her personal experience of living with disabilities.

Here at nuddy, we are huge advocates for online transparency and have major respect and love for anyone who's brave enough to share their own, unfiltered experiences to their following- it's raw, inspiring, and sets an amazing example for other online creators. We had the privilege of chatting to Beth about what being an online creator is like, and why we think she is just incredible...

Hey honey! Please can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little bit about what you do.

Hi, I’m Beth - content creator over at @realbeautywithbeth, skin positivity advocate, science and animal lover, all whilst being disabled!

Talk us through your journey- how did you get to where you are today in your career?

This ‘career’ began on a random afternoon at the start of 2019, I became bed bound for around 5 months in 2019 due to my endometriosis. I have always loved beauty, and transitioned to only cruelty free by the Christmas of 2018. I decided I wanted to share my knowledge of cruelty free, and love of passion in one place, hence crueltyfreeveganreviews was born. I posted consistently and my account grew, but in summer of 2020 my acne (something I’ve always had at varying degrees, since I was around 11) was at its most prevalent. I was heavily bullied on tiktok especially, but instead of it breaking me I rose up and decided to have a voice for those that felt unwanted for their acne - something we cannot control!! I changed my username to realbeautywithbeth a few months ago now, as I felt the skin positive message was so much more than just cruelty free and vegan beauty (which is still a key ethos to my page though!)

We think it’s super important to set yourself both personal and professional goals. What are yours and how are you working towards achieving them?

Personally I’m trying to get enough money for a deposit for a house, so I can move in with my boyfriend and buy lots of fluffy creatures! I already have a rescue cat, Fluffy, who is 3 now! Professionally I want to grow my account, and long term I would love to be a brand/agency consultant who could improve disability access for beauty events, in store shopping experiences etc. I’ve turned down many opportunities, including photo shoots, due to the extra requirements I need not being met. I also aim to empower people through my account, and grow to reach more and have a greater positive impact. I would love to work with more brands, particularly makeup ones - to show real skin in campaign images!

We think you’re a hugeeeee inspiration- who is your biggest personal inspiration and what was it about them that made you stop and take note?

This is a great question. My biggest personal inspiration? I can’t think of one person to be honest, many people have smaller impacts on me, often daily that keep me motivated. I find it unhealthy to idolise just one person!

We absolutely LOVE what you do- what does it mean to you to be able to do what you love every day?

THE WORLD! I can’t go out physically and work, due to my disability. I have endometriosis, pudendal neuralgia and chronic fatigue, so when I leave the house I need a wheelchair. I had to stop physically being in the workplace a few years back, and being able to contribute to society and have a reason to get up is amazing. I also never dreamed I would have a major role in the household financial responsibility, which is something many overlook. I felt unproductive, and unmotivated knowing I could never seriously contribute. Now the sky is the limit, but whilst being completely flexible around my disability and medical appointments!

So many people are nervous to break out and try something new- but you did. What piece of advice would you give to people who want to try something different but are too scared to take the risk?

Speak to people you trust first, get a feeling if it’s a terrible idea. I would say 99% of the time just leap and do it, but it’s also important to have that pause before the leap to quickly access the situation you’ll be entering! Most of the time, even if it’s a ‘failure’ you’ll be glad you did it. You learn more from failing, than winning normally.

What positive impact do you hope to have on those within your community?

I just want everyone to not worry about their skin and how others perceive them because of it. For me, skin positivity is the moment when you rush out the door and you don’t worry you haven’t put foundation on. It’s no longer a necessity, but a choice.

We all know that life ain’t no breeze. What is one piece of advice you can offer to people in your community to help make things that little bit easier?

Learn that this community never rests, but you should. Social media is constant, and can get overwhelming. It’s important to try to schedule time away from your phone (and work!) 

You can follow Beth on the following:

Instagram: @realbeautywithbeth

Tiktok: @realbeautywithbeth

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