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Women We Love: Polly Vadasz

Wanna know a secret? Running a start up business is HARD WORK. What you see online is only a small percentage of what goes on behind the scenes, and there is alwaaaaays a very small amount of people (if not one individual) doing absolutely everything that's essential to building up a small business.

Polly Vadasz began Sighh Studio whilst she was at uni, and the brand has grown tenfold since then. Specialising in the cutest giftware and stationary, Sighh is the perfect example of brand that has it's own unique voice and has done so well because of it. We think Polly is amazing and her Instagram stories make us laugh out loud every day (you need to give her a follow), so we were over the moon when she agreed to chat to us about what it's like being a female founder. Take it away, Polly...

Hey honey! Please can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little bit about what you do.

Oh hello! I'm Polly, I founded Sighh Studio, a giftware & stationery brand, back when I was 17, and now somehow employ a team of 8 lovely girls! Day to day I manage the studio, design our new collections and have fun on Instagram (important marketing work).

Talk us through your journey- how did you get to where you are today in your career?

Sighh Studio has grown very organically, from a side hustle while I completed my A levels, to a part time job while at uni, so I was immediately able to jump into it full time after graduating. I was very grateful to avoid that post-grad job hunt fear!! Since 2018 I've been doing my best to scale the business, and in the last two years it's really boomed. In March of this year we finally moved out of my spare bedrooms, and it really does feel like a professional business!

We think it’s super important to set yourself both personal and professional goals. What are yours and how are you working towards achieving them?

Personal goals = happy. Professional goals = a business which makes me happy. I've learned that sticking to arbitrary goals isn't always helpful, as our main goal in life should be to pursue a good one. I don't want to get caught up in a life that's too stressful because I think it's what I want, but listening to my feelings, and if plans change they change! I hope to have stability in my personal life and business life, and keep both fulfilling.

We think you’re a hugeeeee inspiration- who is your biggest personal inspiration and what was it about them that made you stop and take note?

I've never really had just one person I look up to or would refer to as my inspiration, but thinking about it, I do surround myself with friends who have perspectives I truly respect and appreciate. My friend Alice Benham is a business strategy coach, and doubles up as an incredibly helpful friend for boy and general life chats! I love the way she is able to release herself from the stress of a situation or decision, and think about what needs to get done for the best outcome possible. I really admire her, and I strive for that level headedness!

We absolutely LOVE what you do- what does it mean to you to be able to do what you love every day?

I think the most valuable thing in life is freedom of choice, to do what fulfils you and makes you happy. It's why we want money, it gives us easy choices, it's why many of us don't like having a boss, we don't want to be told what to do! I am so grateful that I'm able to live life (relatively!) on my terms, doing a job which I find exciting.

So many people are nervous to break out and try something new- but you did. What piece of advice would you give to people who want to try something different but are too scared to take the risk?

Take a measured risk. Build up to it gradually, make sure you're financially secure enough for at least 3 months, and be prepared to invest now in the future payoff. I think it also helps to measure your expectations. If you quit your job and expect to have a six figure business within 6 months, that's a tall order! Prepare to work your way up to the career you're striving for, and hopefully it will fulfill you more than where you're at now. But also remember that life is long, you are able to try something new and start over, as long as you know your limits financially, keep yourself safe by having a plan and financial safety buffer which you don't touch.

What positive impact do you hope to have on those within your community?

I hope to show the power of striving for what you want in life, and to offer some honesty to people who might be starved of it online! It's not always comfortable to be open and honest online, but it's so powerful to connect in a genuine way with others.

We all know that life ain’t no breeze. What is one piece of advice you can offer to people in your community to help make things that little bit easier? As an avid nester, I think it's to make sure you have a comfortable, stable base at home. Make sure your bedroom or living room, somewhere in your house, is your special safe space. Full of comfort, things you enjoy, and the place you can rest and recoup in. For me it's my very colourful living room, full of soft furnishings, plants, candles and positive quotes (there's a reason I make mirror decals and prints for a living!). The world can be a challenge, make sure you're balancing the three: work, rest and play.

You can check out Polly and Sighh Studio at the following:


Instagram: @pollyvdsz / @sighhstudio

TikTok: @sighhstudio

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