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Women We Love: Talmesha Keonna.

Hey honeys and welcome back to our International Women's Day edition of our Women We Love interview series. Throughout this series, we are chatting to some of our favourite online creators who use their platform to inspire their community - the BEST way to use social media, in our opinion.

Today we are chatting to the incredible Talmesha Keonna, a self confessed 'mom making stretch marks sexy'. Creator of the Tigress Beauty Club, Talmesha is celebrating all things real bodies, real women and real confidence in the skin that you're in. Her content is all about embracing yourself, and finding sexiness from within and we're totally obsessed with everything she stands for.

We chatted to Talmesha about what inspires her and how it feels to be #unapologeticallyyourself.

Hey honey! In light of International Women’s Day, we’re here to celebrate all things women. We believe that being unapologetically yourself is a fundamental part of being a woman - what parts of yourself do you LOVE?

Hi there, I love this so much! The celebration of women always gives me the greatest motivation, thank you for including me. To answer your question, I truly love all parts of me, even with some parts being easier to love than others. I just love the yin and the yang. That balance that each part of my being brings into making me who I am as a whole. But if I had to choose  just a couple of things I would say, my heart and my eyes as they both work overtime in making me the insightful, compassionate, and appreciative woman I am. Both parts have allowed me to draw closer to myself through observation and love which I am able to extend outwards and share with others. 

Self acceptance is not always an easy thing to achieve. How do you overcome imposter syndrome when it comes to believing in yourself?

What I have found to help me continue to move forward when dealing with bouts of imposter syndrome is to reflect on my journey and address my doubts. I do this through journaling, meditation, scrolling my Instagram feed and reading all the messages of the hundreds of lives I’ve changed. Those actions center me and snap me back to reality, a reality where I know who I am. Sitting still with thoughts of where I am versus where I was, and recalling all the obstacles I’ve gotten past and things I achieved in between reassures me of my drive, my motivation, and my capabilities. I know that at my highest or at my lowest I am equally deserving of all I wish to receive from the world because of what I have to give to the world. 

If you don’t mind sharing, what personal obstacle have you had to overcome along your journey of self acceptance?

My biggest obstacle I have had to overcome was breaking up with the idea of perfection and learning to love the woman I saw in the mirror everyday. It started out as a physical thing, dealing with the changes of my post-pregnancy body. Learning to accept the wrinkles, the loose skin, and the stretch marks turned my world upside down because at the time I felt my body was the best thing about me. I dealt with depression and endless doubts of who I was prior to pregnancy. So, looking back I am glad my body changed how it did because it taught me to spend time with myself in a way I never knew I could. I practiced self-love rituals, peeling back so many hidden layers that allowed me to discover who I truly was underneath my skin. It was difficult to breakthrough and many tears were involved but it’s how I found my now deep appreciation for my mind, body, and spirit. I’ve seen how beautiful and capable I am in all instances.

Surrounding yourself with positive figures is key to believing in yourself - which incredible women inspire you everyday and why?

Honestly, way too many to name because it’s all the incredibly inspiring women in the body-love and self-love space on social media. Each with their own unique stories but all sharing the same desire to show up unapologetically in a judgemental world, all for the sake of uplifting and celebrating not only themselves but all the women who resonate with them. I simply love everything about that. It’s rewarding to witness, and the more women I get to interact with within this community the more I’m inspired to continue to pour into it as well. 

What is your top piece of advice for other women on how to be unapologetically themselves?

My advice on how to be unapologetically yourself is to know yourself so well that anything anyone says about you can be handled gracefully whether it be good or bad. Being in a space where compliments don’t make you and bad words don’t break you is where your power lies. So, find what practices work for you! I find introspection coupled with journaling to be the greatest tool. Continue to ask yourself ‘why’ for any desire, action, feeling you have until you reach your truest answer. To know yourself deeply is to know yourself truly. 

You can follow Talmesha over at @talmeshak and @tigressbeautyclub.