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5 genres of TikTok we're obsessed with at the moment.

Don't worry- you're not the only one who spends waaaay more time than they'd like to admit on TikTok. There's no judgement, it's a safe space here. One of the great things about TikTok is the mega wide variety of content there is on offer. From organisational tips, to haircare content, to down right hilarious videos, you can quite literally spend hours on the app finding new things to entertain you.

As you may already know, nuddy LOVES TikTok (if you don't already, make sure to go and follow us: @nuddyofficial). If you need some new content to get obsessed with, we've picked our top 5 TikTok rabbit holes you should fall down next. Just don't blame us if it makes your screen time increase tenfold...

Sustainability Tiktok

Green teen memes: how TikTok could save the planet | Environment | The  Guardian

Ecotok, Greentok, Sustianabilitytok- whatever you want to call it, it's such a great side of TikTok. Packed full of tips on wasting less and doing more for the planet, these TikToks can make doing your bit much more tangible and less daunting. We particularly love following individuals who are aiming to become zero-waste- especially when they're using our shampoo bars...

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Cleaning TikTok

Satisfying Deep Cleaning TikTok Compilation ✨ #1 | Vlogs from TikTok -  YouTube

There is something just so satisfying about watching someone clean, especially when there are some super interesting hacks involved. From ways to keep your bathroom squeaky clean, to organisational tips, you will get lost in the vast amount of home hacks out there. We especially love the indsutrial cleaning accounts- trust us, rug cleaning will be your new favourite thing. Mrs Hinch, eat your heart out…

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Small Business Tiktok


We may be a little bit biased, but we just love to see small businesses thriving. TikTok is a great platform for start ups to gain traction and give followers an insight to what it’s like to grow your own business. We love to see orders being packed and behind the scenes footage from the founders- it’s fascinating to see what they all get up to.

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Throwback Tiktok

Discover 90s throwback songs 's popular videos | TikTok

Childhood nostalgia is an addictive thing- especially when you’re scrolling through TikTok. 00s bangers, forgotten TV shows, childhood toys, this app has it all- there's nothing quite like rediscovering something that you used to love when you were younger. Trust us, you’ll be sending all of these throwbacks to your besties and reminiscing about a MUCH simpler time.

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Curly Girl Tiktok

Curly Hair Routine on tiktok #Curly #curlyhair #tiktok - YouTube

Looking after your hair is not always an easy task, especially when you've been blessed with curly locks. With the rise of the curly girl method on TikTok, there are soooo many creators out there who are sharing their top tips on how to care for their curls. Curly girl TikTok is a total minefield of hacks, advice and inspiration to get your waves in top condition.

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