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5 Life-changing Tips That Will Help Your Work Fatigue.

We all know the feeling. You've got a million things to do at work, the clock is ticking and you just can't seem to get your brain into focus mode.

It can be super frustrating to get that motivation back when your mind and body is just not feeling it. That's why we've put together our top tips on avoiding that dreaded work fatigue. Boosting your motivation game will help you complete your work more effectively, and most importantly, will prevent you from burning out, big time.

So, sit back and get ready to get your work game back into swing...

1. It's all about routine

Green smoothie and 5 minute journal

It may sound like a cliche, but getting into a good routine is one of the fundamental parts of being productive. Planning your day out will help to organise your time more efficiently, meaning you can keep track of your tasks, timings and everything in between. Allocating times in your day to complete certain tasks will help you gain a hold of your never ending to do lists, and help your prevent maaaaajor burn out.

2. The 'scary hour'

Desk with Apple laptop keyboard and books

You may have heard about this on TikTok, but if you haven't, the scary hour essentially consists of a power hour where you get through the looming tasks that you have been putting off for the past few days/weeks. Set your timer, put away any distractions and just go for it - the relief you feel once those 60 mins of pure productivity have been completed will be next level. 

Whether it's replying to some lengthy emails, or making those phone calls you've been dreading, the weight off your shoulders will be instantly gone.

3. Get it all out in plain sight

checklist in notebook

Whether you work best with visuals or not, there is something incredibly satisfying about having all your days tasks visualised in front of you. Invest in a whiteboard, a tick off note pad, or even create a daily mind map of all your tasks.

This is especially efficient if your job involves keeping track of a whole host of tasks. Turning that brain muddle into a more clearly outlined set of tasks will make them seem less daunting.

4. Romanticise your day

Image of coffee shop hatches

Whether you like it or not, you will spend a huuuuuge chunk of your life working. So, you may as well try and make sure your experiences are as enjoyable as possible. This doesn't have to be anything major - maybe you're working from home and you could play your fave playlist and burn a nice candle to upgrade your WFH aesthetic. Or why not treat yourself to that takeaway coffee on your lunch time? If it makes your day that little bit better, then it's worth it.

5. Take regular breaks

Hand holding croissant and takeaway coffee on a walk

If you're spending a long slog on one piece of work, you're bound to lose focus eventually. Making sure you take regular breaks whilst you work is essential for maintaining your motivation. Whether you're stopping for a coffee break, or you fancy a quick walk around the block, ensuring your brain has a rest every so often will help you avoid a slump in motivation in the long run.