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5 Scandi Techniques For Wellness You Need In Your Life.

It’s around about this time of year when us Brits are fully immersed in the god-awful weather and mindset that constitutes the January blues, with a global pandemic not promising a too-brighter February either. If you’re feeling like you’re reliving Groundhog Day then know you’re not alone. But when push comes to shove it all boils down to the small things in life that can boost our mood, and we’d be mindful to take some trusted advice from our western friends over the pond. Scandi is a phrase that essentially refers to Scandinavian culture embraced by the European countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but is also embraced by the Icelandic and Finnish too. It’s a simplified, easy-living, breathable way of life that laughs at our poor excuses of shoving on a face mask and calling it #selfcare.

Scandi living is where it’s at for finding your ultimate inner peace and harmony. Just like feng shui can change the energy in your living room, Scandi culture will refresh your mindset and rebalance your priorities. In many ways, this way of life epitomises what self-care actually is at its core and promises to open up your mind to a happier, fresher standard of life. Think of this as an upgrade from minimum wage to living wage; start enjoying the simple practices of investing time into your wellbeing. 

But before we start spewing essays on the translation of hygge (look it up) and advising you to invest in a sauna or take an ice bath (hello pandemic, didn’t see you there), let’s focus on the bitesize steps you can take to scandi-fy your daily life, start living less and feeling more. 


If you’re Finnish, visiting a sauna once a week is nothing to write home about because it is deemed such a normal practice; something us everyday Brits would largely see as a luxury when visiting a spa. The whole ethos of a sauna is to relax and sweat, clearing your mind, pores and airways. Whilst we are very aware we are in fact, not Finnish (booooo), and cannot partake in this weekly sauna visiting paradise, we can scale this down to steaming. Not as exciting we know, but taking the idea of warming your pores and relaxing by way of using a facial steamer or a good old bowl of boiling water can really do the trick. Add in some Eucalyptus if you’re feeling under the weather and embrace the brand-new set of lungs you’ll feel you have after. 


If you are baffled by the influx of people rubbing their faces with ice cubes on Tik Tok, this is a formal invitation to join the party. In the same way a bag of frozen peas can cure any household injury, icing your face can de-puff or reduce swelling, particularly around the eye areas. Of course, the latest trend takes form in ice globes, which at a small cost can be popped in the freezer overnight and used in the morning to glide over your face and massage your skin. This practice echoes the popularity of plunge pools, open water swimming and ice baths in Scandinavian culture, known to be the secret to retaining youthful skin and improving blood circulation too. 

Clutter-free living.

You may have been familiar with the phrase Scandi from an architectural background, and a quick scan of Scandi living on Pinterest will have you in awe over light-flooded rooms with driftwood flooring and dozens of houseplants. Overlooking such beautiful interiors, the crux of Scandi living is to achieve a clutter-free and open space. The saying tidy room, tidy mind really does ring true and there honestly is not greater feeling then ridding of junk and freeing up room in your living space.

Simplifying your beauty routine.

In a day and age where you can pretty much purchase a product to fix every nook and cranny of your face, we’re saying less is more. Scandinavian skincare is all about multi-use products that use a concoction of actives to fight multiple skin concerns and make your life hella easier. Rid of the 10 serums and creams you’re using and create an easy 4-5 reliable product routine that you can trust. 

Go outside.

Upon writing, the mere gesture of asking me to go on yet, another walk, in lockdown is enough to make me wince, but there really is nothing that can beat the great outdoors. Whether you’re in a high-rise flat in central London or drowning in fields in the country, grab your best puffa and brave the baltic winds. With the beautiful Scandinavian scenery stretching across all northern European countries, it’s no surprise that outdoor activities are so popular there. Again, as a nation of central-heating lovers with probable Vitamin D deficiencies, it’s time we took ourselves out for a trip and took a real breath of fresh air. 

Easier than you thought? That’s the beauty in Scandi my friend. Whilst some points here may be obvious, making a conscious effort to improve and simplify your daily routine will create a butterfly effect on your whole life. Dramatic, we know. But if this article achieved nothing but a reminder to sort out your wardrobe then it’s a step in the right direction to being able to relax more and sleep a little better at night, right?