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5 Ways to Make Your Self-Care Routine Sustainable.

Nothing alarms an eco-warrior like a self-care routine riddled with plastic and unnecessary scarring to the planet. Plastic shampoo bottles; face mask packets; disposable razors; airy-fairy smelling bath bombs; it can be difficult to establish a self-care routine that is kind to the planet, as well as your mind. 

Whether it’s reusing your bath water to give your houseplants a drink (crafty) or simply switching to a packaging-free alternative, there are so many ways to marry self-care and sustainability. Trust me, you’ll feel 10 times more relaxed for it too. 

Refill your candles 

Candles are the bread and butter of any self-care routine. Did you know you can even buy candles to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety? As the wax melts, so do all your worries. Sign me up! 

It’s easy to get through heaps and heaps of candles and before you know it, the kitchen cupboards are brimming with empty jars because they will be useful one day...right? 

To all the fellow candle jar hoarders out there: refill your empties! You can buy your own cruelty-free candle wax and top them up at home for half the price, and half the damage. 

Switch to plastic-free products 

Did you know it’s estimated that the UK throws away 520 million shampoo bottles every single year? A huge proportion of this number is due to the fact that most Brits are confused about what can and cannot be recycled. However, popping your shampoo bottle in the recycling bin isn’t the only way to save unnecessary waste. 

You can avoid bringing any nasty materials into your home altogether by switching your shampoo to a vegan, plastic-free alternative (like nuddy!) You’ll still get the full spa-like salon experience, whilst knowing your hair care is gentle on the planet - and your scalp!

Support UK-based businesses 

On the topic of switching products, how many items currently a part of your self-care routine are made in the UK? Believe it or not, the journey of purchasing a new product goes further than from the supermarket to your doorstep. Some products are both water and gas-guzzlers and depending on where they’re manufactured, they might need to fly thousands of miles across the world, increasing the carbon kickback. 

One of the most influential factors of rising climate temperatures is air travel which includes shipping self-care and beauty products across the world. If you do have the urge to splurge and purchase something new, research UK-based retailers that sell and ship their goods locally. (Plus, there is more of a chance that you'll support small businesses. It’s a win-win!) 

Indulge in plant-based foods 

There is nothing like being mindful in the present moment, and cooking for yourself is the perfect way to do that. Cooking engages your basic senses; sight, smell, touch, taste - it’s self-care at its most fundamental level! 

Do you have a favourite recipe you like to cook for yourself when you’re in need of a little comfort? Maybe it’s pot pie, mash potato or a big bowl of pasta? Whatever your go-to meal, the best way to make it sustainable is to create an alternate plant-based version free of meat and dairy products. Do this one per week to release your inner green goddess. 

Make homemade face masks 

Sheet masks crept into our self-care routines many years ago, giving us all a hit of hydration and relaxation. However, the imprint they leave on the planet is almost as scary as you look wearing them! 

According to a statement produced by sustainable advocate Holland and Barrett, it’s estimated that around one million single-use beauty face masks are thrown away globally every single day. *Shudders.*

Your best bet is to find a recycled container (or even one of your old candle jars!) and make your own homemade face mask that is reusable and totally plastic-free. Say it with me: don’t buy, just DIY! 

Challenge yourself to seek calm in environmentally-friendly self-care methods and switch up your favourite products for a greener alternative. If you also find yourself packing about the melting polar ice caps, why not pledge to make your self-care routine more sustainable?

Article by Martha Mae

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