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A-Z of nuddy.

 In case you didn't know, nuddy is coming up to its 3rd birthday VERY soon and we're very excited. Whether you're new to nuddy or you've been around since the start, we thought we'd give you a little A-Z guide to all things us. 

ARGAN OIL: Just one of the nourishing organic ingredients in our award winning shampoo bars.

BUNDLES: That’s right- why buy one bar when you can fully stock up?

CRUELTY FREE: We are totally cruelty free, baby.

DRY SKIN- BE GONE! Our soap bars contains raw African Shea butter, which means they are extra moisturising.

EXTRA THICKENING: Our Cocoa and Cardamom bar will leave your hair feeling super thick and luscious.

FEMALE FOUNDED: We’re leading the way in female founded UK businesses, honey.

GIFT SETS: Struggling to find the perfect gift for that special someone? Look no further.

HOT GIRL SUMMER: Our summer campaign celebrating all things body positivity and self love.

IN THE NUDDY: How it feels to strip off and get lathered up with us.

JUICY AF: Our fruity scents are good enough to eat (although we wouldn’t advise it)

KASSI: Our wonderful founder and the ultimate girl boss.

LATHER UP: Despite being free from SLS/SLES our bars create the creamiest of lathers. 

MADE IN THE UK: British born, bred and PROUD.

NUDDY DIARIES: Our blog site discussing all things beauty, hair, wellbeing and liiiiiiiiife. 

ONE FANCY RAZOR: Award winning, plastic free and ready to get you smooth as hell.

PLASTIC FREE: 100% plastic free forever and always.

QUITE HONESTLY THE BEST: Don’t believe us? Check out our rave reviews here.

RICH AF: Super rich, super moisturising, super nourishing. Need we say more?

SOAP BARS: Okay, admittedly an obvious one but, hey, its our thing.

TRIALS: Fancy testing out our bars before going full size? We’ve got you.

ULTRA VOLUME: Extra bouncy, luscious locks- that’s what you’ll get from our Ultra Volume Blow Dry Acai Berry and Peach bar.

VEGAN: 100% vegan baby, forever and always.

WASH YOUR HANDS: We will never let you forget this one.

XTRA NOURISHING: Sorry, but what else begins with X?

YOUR MAIN SQUEEZE: Our Lime and Lemon bar is guaranteed to be your new main squeeze.

ZESTY AS HELL: Whether its Lime, Pink Grapefruit or Peach, our scents are super zesty.

In the mood to treat yourself? Shop our brand new bars here.