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Back to Uni Essentials You Need In Your Life.

September has arrived and with it comes the return to uni for many of us. Heading back to your course this autumn means you may need to step up your organisation game - and we're here to help. From getting your studies in order, to making your routine as efficient as possible, there are a tonne of things that can help boost your organisation.

We've rounded up some of our fave essentials to get you back on track this academic year. Because while we all love a good bit of partying, uni isn't all about getting drunk. Not entirely, anyway...

Stackers Navy Pebble Laptop Bag - £54

Stackers laptop bag in navy

Carting your stuff to and from the library requires a reliable bag that won't end up snapping when you get caught in the rain. This laptop bag from Stackers is  perfect for keeping things super organised - it's got built in cable organisers for all your chargers, plus pockets for your phone and pens. Rummaging around your tote bag is a thing of the past.

Chic Tortoiseshell Laptop Sleeve - £28

Tortoiseshell laptop case

Keep your laptop mega protected with this super chic case from Coconut Lane. There's no doubt that your laptop will be going many places with you, so it's essential to keep it protected from any damage. You can even grab matching phone/headphone cases to complete the look.

Papier Joy Academic Year Diary - £25

Academic diary papier

Making sure you're super organised, study-wise is an essential part of uni. Whether it's keeping track of your lecture/seminar times or making sure you're on time for all of your deadlines, this academic planner from Papier is the perfect way to keep your affairs in order. It has space for your weekly/monthly plans, plus you can even personalise it with your name - fancy!

Huski Reusable Travel Cup & Multi-compartment Lunch Box - £22.99

Huski lunch bag and travel cup

Keeping your eye on your pennies is an essential part of uni, which might mean cutting down on the takeaways and meal deals (sorry!). Prepping your own lunch to take into uni requires some handy storage and we love this set from Huski. The perfect lunchbox and travel mug duo, this set is made from recycled rice husks, meaning it's a great option for the planet, too.

The Hungry Student Cookbook by Charlotte Pike - £9.16

Cooking book

If you're struggling with the cooking side of uni, this recipe book is perfect. Packed full of 'student friendly' meals that work with limited resources and minimal spending, there are a tonne of ideas that stretch further than just a jacket potato or pesto pasta.

Paperchase Wildflower Meal Planner - £8

meal planner

Once you've got your meal ideas ready, it's time to prep them accordingly. Making use of the ingredients you buy at the start of the week is the best hack when it comes to preventing money + food wastage. This wall planner from Paperchase is a great way to plan your week in food out - from brekkie to dinner - and it will look adorable in your room/kitchen.

Belkin Pocket Power 10K Power Bank (Portable Charger) - £29.99

power charger portable

Keeping that phone charged is essential, especially on those long days from the library straight to the pub. This rose gold portable charger is a steal, plus it's designed to charge your phone super quickly, making it ideal when you're in a hurry. Bonus point for how super slim it is too.