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How Can nuddy Play A Part In Your Veganuary.

Being vegan is more than just a dietary thing. There are ways you can incorporate  veganism into your lifestyle that don't involve food, such as the clothes you wear and your self care routine. With Veganuary in full swing, we want to encourage our community to make vegan-friendly swaps in all areas of their life, even if they don't want to turn vegan completely (there's no judgement here).

Luckily for you, one brand that can help you with your vegan journey is, well, us! We are 100% vegan friendly, meaning we don't use any animal byproduct in our products - just loads of incredible ingredients, instead. From haircare, to skincare, we're here to support you along a more animal/planet focused self care routine. Buckle up, and get ready to veganify your bathroom cabinet...

Lather up, baby.

One place to start is the shower (where most great things happen, we think). Rather than getting clean with any old shower gel, our first tip is to switch to our vegan friendly Shea butter soap bars. Not only are they vegan friendly, they are also 100% plastic free and last x3 longer than regular soap bars, making them better for the planet AND your wallet, not to mention your skin. Our bars are created with raw African Shea butter, which works to nourish the skin as you wash. Plus, our bars come in 6 INCREDIBLE scents (plus a fragrance free bar for you sensitive souls) that you will not be able to get enough of.


Get inspired.

Here at nuddy, we're not just a brand - we're a community. That's why we love sharing our favourite content on our social channels. From food, to beauty, to lifestyle, you can find allllll sorts of vegan friendly inspo from us on our Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and, of course, on nuddy diaries. We love to share our favourite vegan friendly recipes and self care recommendations, plus we LOVE hear back about your favourites too. In fact, if you'd like to contribute to any of our platforms (blog, TikTok, Insta snaps) please get in touch. Our community is what makes nuddy so special and we are always looking to hear from more of our nuddy lovers.

Great hair, don't care.


You may not have considered that your shampoo is not suitable for vegans. But, trust us, there are a whole load of nasty ingredients out there. Thankfully, our award winning shampoo bars are 100% vegan friendly (and plastic free, cruelty free, SLS free... but we don't like to brag). Rather than just offering a sustainable option for your hair, our bars are performance led and salon quality, meaning they work better than your regular old shampoo, all whilst giving the planet a helping hand. Plus, our bars last at least twice as long as bottled shampoo (8p a wash, in fact), so it's the best option for your wallet, too. Who said vegan haircare had to be complicated?


Self care is key.

Skincare is something that most of us pay lots of attention to - it's important to know just how good something is for you, before putting it onto your skin. We've recently brought out a brand new range of 100% vegan friendly skincare, for all your self care needs. From our two incredible face mask, to our body scrubs and whipped body butter, we've pulled out all the stops to ensure that our range is suitable AND bloody fantastic for your skin. We've even ensured our products are 100% plastic free by packing them in beautiful glass amber jars that can be rinsed out and reused - what's not to love?


Chill TF out.


As much as we love the concept of veganism, we understand that it's not for everyone. That's why we like to encourage our community to make any vegan swaps whenever they can, rather than pushing the idea that you have to be all or nothing. We love that you can start off by switching up your self care routine with our vegan goodies first, and still do your bit for the planet. Do what you can and make it a chilled out and enjoyable process. Oh, and you can do so by lighting one of our vegan friendly soy wax candles and get scrolling through our TikTok for ways to veganify your lifestyle.