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How To Give Up Eggs and Dairy This Veganuary.

Okay, so you've grasped the idea of not eating meat - you've found your fave meat substitute, packed more veggies into your meals than ever before and found you don't even dream about steak anymore. But what about dairy? Being vegan means you cut out the meat AND any other meat byproducts, like cheese, milk and eggs, and it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge.

But don't fear, thankfully we're in 2022 now and there are a whole load of vegan friendly alternatives that will make your meat-free lifestyle a great experience. Put it this way - if you're going plant-based for the planet, every little helps. Switches and swaps will help you on your steady-paced journey to a more sustainable diet - and we're here to help you along the way.

Plant-based milk is your new BFF

One aspect of being vegan is replacing your milk with a plant-based alternative and thankfully, there is a whole range choices available these days. From soya, to almond, to oat, to pea (yes really), there are so many ways you can veganify your cuppa or cereal. Brands like Oatly, Alpro and Minor Figures are smashing the game right now and most highstreet and independent coffee shops stock at least one dairy alternative for your coffee. Test them out and see which you prefer!

Slow and steady wins the race

Veganuary Pictures, Veganuary Stock Photos & Images | Depositphotos®

Turning vegan doesn't have to be overnight. Making gradual changes to your diet can be a more effective way to change your lifestyle, rather than going completely cold *quorn* turkey (sorry). Why not make each day of the week a day to switch up different elements of your diet - meat free Mondays, egg free Fridays etc, etc. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself - ditching the dairy is long journey, but it's worth it in the end.

Be organised

The key to turning vegan is organisation. Unfortunately, you can't always just grab whatever is left in your cupboard if you're feeling lazy - meal prepping is the best way to go. We'd suggest doing some recipe research on a Sunday (Tiktok and Pinterest are great places of inspo) before getting in your ingredients for the week. This way, you'll be cutting down on waste and you'll know exactly what you you're eating each night.

Trial and error baby

The Best Plant-Based Burger (Impossible vs. Beyond and More) | Epicurious

Let's face it, there will be some items of vegan food that you just don't like. Maybe you just can't get away with certain meat substitutes, or you're really not into vegan cheese - that's totally fine. Trialling out different brands is key to finding what you like. Remember, it's not all the same - you might not like one style of vegan burger, but that doesn't mean you can't find another that you'll love. Why not stock up on some bits in your freezer for when you're feeling adventurous?

No business like tofu business

If you're missing out your scrambled eggs, fear not. Tofu is a great choice for replicating the taste and texture of your regular breakfast fave and its talent doesn't end there. Tofu is a super versatile option for vegans as it can substitute meat too; look online for inspo and you'll be bewildered by just how much it can be used for.

Keep an eye on your vitamins

Can You Overdose on Vitamins?

Whilst turning vegan can have some incredible benefits for your health, it's important to ensure that you aren't missing out on any essential vitamins commonly found in meat and dairy. A quick google will help you grasp whether you need an iron/calcium top up alongside your plant based diet and you'll be running on full energy in no time.

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