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How To Keep Calm and Carry On This Christmas.

Imagine the scene. You're two mulled wines in, you can't find the end of the sellotape, and you've just remembered that Secret Santa is happening in 2 days and you've forgot to get a present. Whilst we LOVE the festive period, it's safe to say that it can come with it's own share of stressful moments.

Whether you're hosting for the in laws this year (yikes), or you're dreading the family debates on Brexit, we're here to get you mentally prepared for the festive season. Because, Christmas should be for good tidings, NOT arguments over who forgot to put out the kids' stockings...

Lists are your best friend.

This may sound like an obvious one, but organisation really is the key to reducing stress. A simple way of keeping on track of things is by writing lists. From which presents you still have to buy, to everything you need to finesse the perfect Christmas dinner, lists are your BFF. We like to pop them in our notes app, so we're not scrabbling around for lose scraps of paper when we're already in a fluster. Getting everything written down is one way you can calm the whirring in that busy brain of yours.

Update your diary.

We can't stress this enough: when you agree to a plan, make a note of it STRAIGHT AWAY. The amount of times we've been caught short when we realise our absent minded 'yeah, I'll come' has clashed with our upcoming dentist appointment is beyond belief. Keeping your virtual (or physical) diary up to date daily will help you to avoid any awkward double bookings, plus, it'll leave you with plenty of time to plan what to wear to each Christmas gathering...

Prepare in advance.

We're all guilty of thinking Christmas day is ages away, but it always comes around at lightning speed. Getting those pre Christmas tasks, like wrapping presents, done early means you have plenty of time for any spontaneous invitations that are thrown at you last minute. We also recommend getting any food prep done early. Our rule is, if it can be done in advance, DO IT IN ADVANCE. You and your glass of Baileys will thank us later.

Remember, it's the thought that counts.

With Christmas comes money worries for a lot of us, and it can be easy to overthink when it comes to presents. Our advice is simple: it's the thought that counts. Your recipient will be grateful for anything they receive, especially in times like these - it truly is your company that means the most. Try not to get bogged down by giving the most this year - a Christmas spent with loved ones is priceless.

Keep next year in mind.

Okay, okay, you're probably only just getting over 2022, never mind thinking about next year's Christmas - but giving yourself a head start will be extremely helpful for future you. Making a note of which decorations will need replacing and keeping hold of those festive recipes is super useful for the next time you're caught up in the festive whirlwind that is December. Remember to keep tabs on anything you'll be trying desperately to recall in 12 months time.

It's only once a year.

If all else fails, it's important to remember that Christmas is only once a year. If the family politics is getting too much, just take a deep breath, laugh it off and try and embrace the best parts of the festive period. December will be over before you know it and by then you'll have few excuses to be sipping a mulled wine at 11am, so you may as well make the most of it whilst you can.