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Introducing: HOT GIRL SUMMER.


 Okay, we’ve got some exciting news. This week, we are officially launching our brand new summer campaign- Hot Girl Summer: All Girls Are Hot Girls. Our campaign is all about empowering our community and encouraging them to have their most fun, confident summer yet.

What is our campaign all about?

You may have heard the phrase 'Hot Girl Summer' kicking around a lot. Well, we've decided to tilt the concept on it's head and delve deeper into what that really means to us and our community. Here at nuddy, we believe that ALL girls are 'Hot Girls'. Having the ultimate 'Hot Girl Summer ' is all feeling empowered, finding your inner confidence, loving the skin you’re in- but, most of all, having fun. Being ‘hot’ does not mean adhering to outdated, ‘traditional’ beauty standards. We believe that every damn babe is hot, when being unapologetically themselves.

So, what inspired our new campaign?

Our summer campaign is here to celebrate the launch of our super limited edition soap bar. With fruity top notes of apple, peach and orange, combined with rich amber, cedarwood and earthy tones of pine and violet, this soap is like a holiday in a bar. Step one of your hot girl summer is to lather yourself up with self confidence, summer fun and good times, baby. Our limited edition bar is packed with nourishing raw African Shea butter and will have you feeling (and smelling) your BEST self this summertime. 

Meet our charity partner: Girls Out Loud.

We are also partnering with Girls Out Loud and donating 10% of the profits made from our campaign to this incredible organisation. Girls Out Loud is a multi-award winning social enterprise that is dedicated to raise the ambitions of teenage girls in the UK through their programmes and mentorships.

Their programmes are all about embedding confidence, emotional resilience, self assurance and self esteem to encourage real aspiration, change and long lasting success in young women. We are donating 10% of our profits from this campaign to this amazing organisation and we are super excited to be partnering with them.

What else have we got lined up?

Our campaign will run throughout the summer and our focus will be alllll about helping our community to feel their best selves. We have a series of IG lives with some incredible individuals- from body positivity influencers to career and therapy coaches, we will be talking about all things self confidence and embracing your true self. We will also be centring our nuddy diaries blog posts around the themes of self love. Feel free to say hello over at @nuddyofficial if there's a subject you want to see us chat about (or if you want to write for us yourself!) Our Instagram will be where the magic happens so make sure to keep an eye on our page to ensure you don't miss out.

We are SO excited for this campaign and we hope you are too. Get ready for the hottest, happiest summer of your lives, honeys.