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Life Lessons From Sex In The City's Reboot.

And Just Like That… TV screens just got a bit more glam.

Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte are back in And Just Like That. And I got to wondering, what life lessons are there to learn from the fab four (including our number 1 gal Samantha Jones)?

Some of the foursome’s choices over the years may have been a bit, well, CHOICE. But they transformed TV forever, showing for the first time how powerful, independent, and liberated women could be.

Here are our five top life lessons from the women of Sex and the City.

1. Friendships are everything

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Who helped Carrie retrieve her diaphragm, even at the cost of her manicure? Who stood by Miranda at her mother’s funeral? Not Big, that’s for sure. 

Charlotte’s right: friends can be each other’s soulmates. The SATC girls prove that strong friendships can be even more beautiful than romantic relationships. Although Carrie and Samantha have grown apart by the start of the 2021 revival, the remaining members of this iconic gang show how enduring these bonds can be.

Hold onto your gal pals. You never know when you might need one to curse the day your ex was born.

2. Your choice, my choice

Miranda Hobbes best moments from Sex And The City

Charlotte? Big fan of babies.

Samantha? Very not.

The SATC ladies have expressed some very opposing opinions. But through it all, they respect and love each other. They are a perfect example of how you can want totally different things from your friends, without it causing a drama.

3. Love yourself

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…in every sense!

From choosing yourself over a relationship that’s not working, to standing up for yourself against judgement, these ladies know how to be their own cheerleaders.

Sure, they have each other. But in dire straights, they can count on their own damn selves to be their biggest champion.

4. Go after what you want

Sex and the City' gave us best quotes about fashion, sex, love and  friendship – Armina Mevlani

Did Carrie let a disastrous bus campaign stop her from writing? No!

Did Charlotte let her divorce from Trey stop her seeking love? No!

Did Samantha let society pressure her into relationships when she was happy being single? Hell no!

The SATC ladies know how to be resilient and tenacious. They have clear goals and they’re not afraid to keep going. There were a few obstacles along the way, no doubt. And sure, having an inexplicably gorge apartment in NYC that you can somehow afford on a freelance writer budget helps. But this lot knew how to push through and keep their eyes on the prize.

5. Fall in love with fashion

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We might not all be able to splurge on Manolos, but SATC gave millennials permission to be totally in love with what we wear.

Each of the SATC ladies has a unique style, and their own passion for fashion, showcasing the many different ways to really feel your look.

With our climate heads screwed on, we might know that keeping up with the latest trends like Carrie isn’t 100% fab for the planet. But, pre-loved clothing apps and clothing rental schemes give us a sustainable way to play with fashion, giving us that stomping-the-New-York-streets feeling without it costing the earth.

Sex and the City cast: who's had the most successful career since the show  ended?

Whether you’re starting out with And Just Like That, or indulging in your 10th rewatch of the OG series, there’s no doubt these women will teach you a thing or two. Sit back in your most fabulous outfit, grab a Cosmo, and remember, never break up with someone over a post-it note.

Now to try every single online quiz to see whether I’m more Charlotte or Samantha…

(Samantha every time.)