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nuddy 2020: A Year in Review.

Ahhhh, 2020. The year EVERYTHING changed. The year of the pandemic, without doubt, flipped the world completely upside down, reminding us that the unimaginable is more than capable of becoming reality. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane and see how hope managed to spring from disaster, here at nuddy.

We started 2020 trying to think of ways to make people fall back in love with a bar of soap. Little did we know soap would soon become such hot property that shop shelves were completely stripped of it. It was this very event that sparked an idea to get soap to those who needed it the most.

The hope for soap.

As Covid-19 swept the nation, we worked with NHS charity partner, Beauty Banks to send out over 17,000 bars of soap to individuals and charities in need. In a time when staying clean and healthy became at the top of people’s agendas, we wanted to make sure that this was feasible for as many people as possible. Plus, because our shea butter soap bars are SUPER moisturising, we received some incredible feedback from people whose hands had been, quite literally, saved by our brilliant little bars. Over washing became a major issue for many- especially key workers- so to hear that our soap had helped healed the hands of so many heroes was the icing on the cake.



Plastic-free revolutionaries.

Whilst doing our bit to save your hands, we also continued to do our bit for this lovely planet of ours. In 2020, we saved over 70,000 plastic bottles from landfill. That’s right, 70,000. Our packaging is not only cute as hell, it also serves the wider purpose of keeping our environment free of the usual plastic nasties. 

Speaking of plastic, we made huuuuge waves in the beauty and eco world by releasing our fantastic shampoo bars to the nation. 100% plastic-free and free ofSLS/SLES/Paraben/Phthlates, our shampoo bars have been met with acclaim by so many. We now have a range of three shampoo bars, each with their own incredible scent and purpose, meaning 2020 was officially the year we made your hair FANTASTIC. Don’t believe us? Perhaps the 1000+ 5* reviews on our site will change your mind…

 Stripping it down.

During a year when people were kept apart, we decided to bring our community together through our ‘STRIPPED DOWN IN LOCKDOWN’ blog series. Our gorgeous nuddy family stripped down to their most authentic selves, sharing intimate experiences and creating much needed dialogue about personal and touching subjects. The success of this series sparked the idea to create our very own lifestyle content platform: cue the birth of nuddy diaries.

From skincare, to vegan swaps, to wellbeing advice, nuddy diaries has it all. We wanted to create a blog site that engaged our wonderful community in fun and informative conversation, whilst also giving our followers a chance to share their own experiences and contribute their own content. After all, it is our gorgeous community that have supported us through the ROLLERCOASTER that has been 2020. We love and appreciate you all so much.


For nuddy, 2020 had the potential to be, quite frankly, catastrophic. But thanks to some brilliant brainwaves, our fabulous team and a little sprinkle from Lady luck, we made the very best of a challenging year. Now here’s to hoping for a brighter and better 2021 (human contact, we miss you)