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Our Charity Partners- Girls Out Loud.

Hey honeys! This week we're here to talk about our incredible partner charity, Girls Out Loud. We have teamed up with this wonderful organisation in celebration of our limited edition summer soap bar and summer campaign: Hot Girl Summer: All Girls Are Hot Girls.

You may have heard the phrase 'Hot Girl Summer' kicking around a lot. Well, we've decided to tilt the concept on it's head and delve deeper into what that really means to us and our community. Here at nuddy, we believe that ALL girls are 'Hot Girls'. Having the ultimate 'Hot Girl Summer ' is all feeling empowered, finding your inner confidence, loving the skin you’re in- but, most of all, having fun. Being ‘hot’ does not mean adhering to outdated, ‘traditional’ beauty standards. We believe that every damn babe is hot, when being unapologetically themselves. 

When creating our campaign, we knew that we had to team up with a fabulous charity whose aims and messages aligned perfectly with ours- that's why we chose Girls Out Loud to donate 10% of profits made from our limited edition soap bars to.

Girls Out Loud is a multi- award winning social enterprise, not for profit, established in 2010 on a mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK. Their work targets vulnerable teenage girls aged 12-16 and takes place in the school environment. They create and deliver a range of early intervention programmes from 2 hours to 12 months in duration focused on improving confidence, self-belief, emotional resilience and aspirations. They are about empowerment in its purest form, helping girls find their voice and become more visible. The key to their approach is to harness some of the UK’s finest female role models to inspire girls with their stories of success and self-fulfilment.

They are based in the North West of England and were founded by serial entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and author, Jane Kenyon, after her experiences of working in the personal development sector for the past 20 years. Jane's story is truly remarkable- after leaving the family home at 16, her journey has consisted of what she calls '2 Acts': a successful corporate career in marketing, her work within the personal development industry, followed by setting up Girls Out Loud. Jane told us all about her amazing story on our Instagram Live with her the other week, which you can catch up on here.

Girls Out Loud creates programmes that are all about embedding confidence, emotional resilience, self assurance and self esteem to encourage real aspiration, change and long lasting success in young women. As a brand, this is something we are also championing- we believe that empowering young women, in particular, is extremely important, especially given the often toxic culture of social media. We are super proud to be teaming up with this wonderful organisation and are very grateful to have them onboard our summer campaign.

Girls Out Loud CEO, Jane Kenyon says: “We love collaborating with girl brands who support us to empower the next generation of female go getters."

You can check out more about the incredible work Girls Out Loud do here. Want to support Girls Out Loud? We are donating 10% of profits made from our Limited Edition Summer Soap Bar to this wonderful organisation.