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Our Favourite Ethical Jewellery Brands.

We all love a bit of bling. From rings, to bracelets, to necklaces, jewellery is the perfect way to accessorise your favourite outfit. But have you ever thought about the sustainability of your favourite jewellery brands? Lots of jewellery is created in unethical, unsustainable ways by exploiting workers and using materials that are of scarce supply.

Here at nuddy, we are super passionate about brands that are doing their bit to leave a sustainable impact within their respective markets. That's why we've been scoping out the best ethical jewellery brands, just for you. So, next time you fancy treating yourself, make sure it's from a brand that puts ethics at the forefront of it's mission.

Feather and Chain

Feather and Chain avoid mining resources that are already of scarce supply, instead, using man-made gemstones that are 100% traceable. The brand also vouches to use no bone, no leather and no mother of pearl, meaning it puts animal safety at the forefront of it's mission. Not only this, they are pledging to use only recycled silver and gold in their products by the end of 2021, too. What an incredible brand.

Kind Jewellery

Kind Jewellery is here to create jewellery without any cost to the planet or the people who live on it. All pieces are made in London- AKA they're sweat shop free- plus, they only use responsibly sourced materials, included 100% recycled, Fair trade precious metals. We also love that they pledge to plant one tree for every order placed- they are true eco queens.

Milly Grace Jewellery

Milly Grace is a brand that places sustainability and corporate responsibility at the forefront of their practices. They plant one tree for every order, and they are also 100% carbon neutral, too. The gemstones used in their pieces are ethically sourced, whilst their diamonds are lab-grown and conflict free- meaning you can get glammed up without compromising the planet.


Shyla describes itself as a morally motivated jewellery brand that is designed and handmade in London. All of the metals used to create their stunning pieces are either ethically sourced or recycled- their jewellery is designed with longevity in mind, discouraging fast fashion in favour of creating timeless pieces. Plus, they work with small charities that support women in India, to teach them craft skills that can help them to support their families. 

Yala Jewellery

Yala Jewellery is the first jewellery brand in the UK to be granted certified B-Corp status, AKA a business that 'meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability'. Made in Kenya, they ensure that all staff members are paid fair wages, guaranteed safe and hygienic working conditions and are entitled to training and development- plus, their pieces are absolutely stunning.

Anuka Jewellery

Anuka Jewellery uses recycled silver and fair mined gold to create stunning pieces of jewellery. Fair mined gold means materials are mined safely, supporting small scale miners and their communities by providing fair pay, gender equality and no child labour. They also vouch to always give 1% of their annual revenue back to the environment via 1% For The Planet. We love their ethos and their beautiful pieces, too.

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