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Plastic Free Brands We Love This World Earth Day.

Happy World Earth Day everyone! In an age when caring about the planet is a necessity, rather than a choice, awareness days like World Earth Day are increasingly important for reminding us why and how we should look after the world we live in.

With this in mind, we're taking a look at some of our favourite brands that have cut out the toxic material burdening the environment: plastic. Going plastic free is no easy task as a brand, but these guys have all nailed it - and we think they deserve some love in return.

From skincare, to cleaning products, take a browse at some of our fave plastic free brands that will change your life for the better...


Image of tampons on silk background

Preparing for your monthly cycle often comes with a LOT of waste. From plastic applicators to sanitary towel wrappers, your period is stressful enough without worrying about its environmental impact. That's where &Sisters are different. They are a B corp company that create organic period products which are 100% plastic free, meaning you can minimise your waste, all whilst providing your body with the best quality care during your TOTM.

Huski Home

Reusable travel mugs on pink background

Sick of your car piling up with all those disposable Starbucks cups after too many morning lattes? Huski Home has a solution for that. You can grab their plastic free travel mugs and eco friendly home ware for a reusable, non-toxic way to transport your food and drinks. Created with recycled rice husks, these babies can last you a lifetime, meaning no need for any throwaway cups.

Who Gives A Crap

Toilet paper on white background next to potted plant

Ever walked down the loo roll aisle in your local supermarket and spotted just how much plastic is involved in that section alone. Who Gives A Crap have. They package their 'forest friendly' toilet roll in paper, meaning you can give all that plastic cr*p a miss. Plus, they donate a whopping 50% off their profits to ensure people have access to toilets and clean water, which I'm sure you can agree is AMAZING. 


Collection of plastic free skincare items

If you thought skincare came hand in hand with endless plastic tubes and bottles, you've not met UpCircle. They are 100% plastic free and recyclable, meaning you can upgrade your skincare regime, without costing the planet. From moisturiser, to toner, to scrubs, they've got all you need for eco friendly, fresh skin.

Ocean Saver

Ocean Saver plastic free cleaning sachets

As much as we love to be squeaky clean (we are a soap brand, after all), seeing all those throwaway plastic bottles under our kitchen sink can feel like we're actually making more of a mess in the long run. Ocean Saver have came up with a great solution for this - just pop their dissolvable sachets into their recycled spray bottles and you're ready to go. You don't need to replace the bottle when you're finished, just grab some more sachets and refill away. Genius!

Floral Street

Floral Street perfume on pink background with pomegranate seeds

Floral Street pride themselves on being sustainable, vegan friendly and cruelty free, which are values we are super aligned with. They are totally cellophane free, and come in beautiful cartons made of pulp and vegetable/soy based inks. These gorgeous scents will leave you smelling AND feeling good, which are too of life's most important things, in our opinion.

Seed and Bean

Collection of patterned chocolate bars

Sustainability within the Cocoa world is a huge subject, and something Seed and Bean are super passionate about. All of their bars are packaged in fully compostable wrapping, plus they're organic and Fairtrade, meaning you don't have to compromise on ethics when it comes to enjoying your favourite chocolate. 


Plastic free Teapigs tea bags

Have you ever considered the amount of plastic that comes with your regular cuppas? Lots of tea bags are made from food grade plastic, meaning they won't biodegrade and ultimately end up causing a whole load of waste in the long run. That's where TeaPigs differ. Their beautiful tea comes in biodegradable tea temples, meaning they can find their way back to earth without causing any damage in the meantime.


Of course we had to give ourselves a little shout out here. We’re super proud to be a 100% plastic free brand, instead choosing plastic free alternatives to package and create our products with. You can even save 10% on your order with code EARTH10 🌎  don't say we don't treat you!