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So, you've come to clear out your bathroom and you come across approximately 63 disposable razors that you have accumulated over the past few months. Okay, 63 may be an exaggeration, but that doesn't mean you're not spending a silly amount of money on restocking those little hair removal devices every few weeks. Plus, the sight of all that single use plastic may leave you feeling super guilty about the cost to the environment.

Looking for a solution? We've got you covered. We're here to answer all the frequently asked questions about our safety razor (AKA, you're new sustainable shaving hero).

1. What is the difference between a safety razor and a disposable razor? 

A safety razor is a shaving tool that has a protective device between the razor's blade and the skin. It contains only one blade, unlike many disposable razors which use multiple- this is to reduce friction and create a smoother shave that is less likely to cause razor burn or shaving cuts. Plus, safety razors are designed to be reused- not only is this more cost effective, it is also miiiiiiiiles better for the planet.

2. How do I use a safety razor?

Using a safety razor is waaaaay more simple than you might think. Simply, unscrew the handle from the two part head and insert a blade between the pieces, then reattach the handle securely by twisting the parts back together. Step in the bath or shower and moisten the shaving area with warm water, before massaging the skin with your nuddy soap- then shave away!

3. Can I use my safety razor all over my body?

You certainly can! Our razor is designed to be used on both larger areas of skin, like legs, plus more intimate body parts, like underarms and the bikini line. Due to the sharpness of the blade, shaving in more intimate areas may take more time and carefulness to avoid any cuts- but don't worry, you'll get the hang of it in no time.

4. How often do I need to change my blade?


We recommend using each side of your blade 4-5 times before switching to a new one. This ensures that the blade does not go blunt or rusty, which can lead to more chance of cuts and infections. Plus, it means your shave will be super smooth.

5. How is using a safety razor better for the planet?

In 2018, 5.5 million people were using disposable razors in the UK. Now, if you think about how much rubbish this leads to, you'll start to understand why plastic razors are a BAD idea for the planet. Our safety razor is made from 100% brass, meaning it doesn't require any wasteful plastic and can last you a much longer.

6. How long will my razor last?

Your safety razor can literally last you a lifetime. That's why we've set up our subscription service- simply order your razor and you can receive fresh blades monthly or bi-monthly, straight to your door. We even throw in a free canvas bag, monthly shave bar and mystery gift!

Looking to take the plunge into sustainable shaving? Click here to go plastic-free.