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TikTok Inspired Meals to Make This Veganuary.

The month of Veganuary has arrived and we know that finding tasty meals to cook for breakfast, lunch and tea can be a little bit overwhelming. Whether you've taken the complete plunge into a meat, egg and dairy free month, or you just fancy switching a few of your meals to plant-based options (there's no judgement here), we've been searching the hub of all modern day creativity for the best vegan recipes out there.

That's right, we've been scouring TikTok for all things plant based. From simple brekkie ideas, to veggie packed dining for the PM, we've collated a TikTok inspired recipe guide to help you through the month of Veganuary. Ready to get your cook on? Keep scrolling...

Banana and Agave Syrup Pancakes


Let's face it -  everyone loves pancakes. If you thought that being vegan meant missing out on your favourite fluffy treats, then think again - these vegan friendly banana and syrup pancakes are great for a simple breakfast idea or if you're fancying a sweet treat after dinner.

Chocolate Porridge


Porridge is a great staple for an energy-fuelling breakfast, and we think they're even better if you switch things up a little. If you've got a super sweet tooth, this chocolate porridge is definitely the recipe for you.

Breakfast Sandwich


Just because you're plant based, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on your fave treats. Turn your fave breakfast bap into a vegan alternative with this super simple brekkie idea. 

Veggie Scramble


Missing your scrambled eggs? This veggie fuelled alternative will satisfy all of your cravings, all whilst providing you with the added health benefits of getting your 5 a day. It makes for the perfect lunch/brunch alternative to your regular eggy options.

Cauliflower Chickpea Wrap


This super filling wrap is great for a hearty lunch, plus, we love the fact you can switch it up with your favourite veggies and dressings. Mix it up a little!

Vegan Power Bowl


The great thing about power bowls is the fact you can switch them up with endless combinations. Just choose your fave grain, veggies and dressing and you can experiment to your heart’s content.

Creamy Garlic Pasta


Ditching the dairy doesn't have to mean missing out on your favourite creamy pasta dishes. Creamy sauces can be replicated with your favourite plant based milks and creams, just like this super simple garlic pasta.

Vegan Sunday Dinner


This vegan friendly dinner will be your new go to every Sunday, and rightly so. Complete with super crispy roasties and a whole host of tasty veggies, it will certainly satisfy your sunday scaries, all without the roast.

Veggie Curry


Curries are a super fun and easy option to veganify, and this curry is the perfect place to start. Ditch the meat for this super healthy, super filling alternative packed with all your favourite veggies.

Now that you've got some inspiration for your Veganuary meals, why not veganify your self care routine too? Shop our vegan soaps, shampoo bars and skincare collection HERE.