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Snack Brands We're Totally Obsessed With ATM.

Let's face it - we all love to snack. Whether it's sweet or savoury that tickles your fancy (or in our case, both), we all have our favourite things to snack on. Looking for a new brand to take for a taste drive? We've got you covered. 

Here at nuddy HQ, we're always looking for new brands to share pass the office. That's why we're chatting about some of our fave indie snack brands - we want to share the goods with our community, too. Get ready to get tasting...


Ollys pretzel snacks against navy background

100% plant powered and tasty as hell, we're obsessed with Olly's range of delicious snacks. From pretzels, to nuts, to olives, if it's snacks you want, then it's snacks you will get. Available in Waitrose, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Boots, Ollys will have your lips smacking in no time.

OUR FAVE: Olly's vegan dark chocolate pretzels are our faves - DIVINE.


Hands holding cereal bars


If you're looking for a plant based, protein packed snack, then Misfits will be your new fave brand. Designed to help you snack whilst reducing dairy and sugar, their protein bar and cereals are to die for. They're enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst also being a healthier alternative - that's a win win.

OUR FAVE: They're brand new Lemon Cheesecake flavour is an absolute zesty treat.


Crisp packets and flowers

Vegan, high in protein and 100% chickpea based? It's a yes from us. Cult snack brand Hippeas are the best crisp alternatives out there. Choose from tortilla and puffs in flavours like sweet chilli haze and sweet and smokin' and get snacking.

OUR FAVE: We LOVE their Cheesy Nacho Vibes tortilla chips.

Indie Bay

Pretzel bags against summer cocktail background

Pretzel thins or pretzel bites? Savoury or sweet? You can choose either with Indie Bay's snacks. These are perfect to pop in your bag for a lunchtime treat, and make a great addition to any picnic. Plus, they're vegan friendly and high in protein and fibre - what's not to love?

OUR FAVE: We're obsessed with their Sour Cream and Chive pretzel thins.

Love Corn

Love Corn chocolate covered popcorn snacks

Get the crunch factor with Love Corn's super tasty treats. Choose from savoury flavours or dip your toe into the world of chocolate covered corn - seriously, you won't look back. You can even subscribe and get your monthly fix sent straight to your door - these babies are addicitive.

OUR FAVE: We can't resist their Chocolate Crunchy Corn

Spoon Cereals

Cereals with milk

Cereal lovers, we've found your new best friend. Spoon has an amazing range of granola that come in some super tasty flavours - we're talking Apple and Almond Butter, Cinnamon and Pecan and Dark Chocolate Zing. Perfect for brekkie OR  a late night snack, these vegan friendly granolas will be your new faves.

OUR FAVE: Cinnamon and Pecan granola = ultimate treat.