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Sustainable Clothing Brands: The Hotlist.

Fast fashion is defined as 'inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends'- in other words, it's over consumption at a cheap price, on a mass scale. You might be thinking, cheap clothes- what's the problem? Well, unfortunately, it comes with a huge cost.

Fast fashion has many damaging consequences, including unfair wages, poor working conditions and a devastating impact on the environment. From the huge amount of energy it takes to create such a vast amount of garments, to the toxic dyes that pollute surrounding water sources, fashion produces around a tenth of the world's carbon emissions.

It's understandable that switching to more sustainable clothing options isn't always that feasible- but, we think a little goes a long way. If you're looking to invest in some more eco-friendly pieces for your wardrobe, check out these incredible brands and do your bit for the planet. 


product image 1

Pact is a brand that specialises in organic cotton basics, making it great for investing in staple pieces for your wardrobe. Through growing cotton organically, vast amounts of water and toxic chemicals are saved, plus, the brand partners with Fair Trade Certified factories, which ensures workers are both treated and paid fairly. These factories aim to empower and uplift local communities and protect the environment- which are crucial to becoming a sustainable, ethical brand. We also love that Pact offset their carbon and use packaging that have a minimal footprint on the earth.

People Tree

Founded in 1991, British brand People Tree have always had sustainability and the environment at the heart of their brand. They were the world's first clothing brand to receive the World Fair Trade Organisation's Fair Trade product mark and they continue to be a huuuuuge name in sustainable fashion- check out their BBC Earth Blue Planet collection. People Tree create some stunning clothing and, quite frankly, we want every piece in their collection.

Wearth London

Organic Heart Grey Jumper

Wearth London is an online marketplace that sells literally all things eco. From beauty to homeware, we love that this is a one stop shop for all your sustainable needs. Speaking of, you NEED to get your hands on their clothing. We are totally obsessed with their collection of graphic tees, all of which are created with organic cotton. Many of their items are also made with recycled material, meaning you can help eliminate waste as you restock your wardrobe- win, win.



Isle of Wight based clothing store, Rapanui has one mission- to make clothing sustainable. Their items are made from natural materials, using renewable energy and, get this, all their clothes are designed to be sent back after they've been worn out. These clothes are then used to create NEW clothes, AKA it's a circular supply chain- how clever is that?! Plus, all items are made in real time as orders come in, meaning there is no waste stock. Rapanui, we salute you.

Thought Clothing

Saraband Printed Tencel™ Bamboo Wrap Dress In Atlantic Blue

UK brand, Thought, was created through a love of natural and sustainable fabrics that emerged during a trip to Australia. After a mini collection that was snapped up by various indie stores, they now have their own site which sells worldwide, sending beautiful sustainable garments, internationally. We love their ethos of 'a little bit of thought, a big difference'- when it comes to shopping sustainably, we truly thing investing in some sustainably created pieces can make a huge amount of difference.

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