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How To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable.

Sustainability is such a hot topic right now and rightly so. According to Deloitte, 32% of 2021 consumers are highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether it's taking a slower approach towards your fashion habits, or practising more sustainable actions within your home, there are lots of ways you can make your lifestyle more eco-friendly.

One place you can focus your attentions is the kitchen. Theres a whole host of ways you can make your kitchen space more environmentally friendly. From switching to reusable cleaning products, to keeping your food fresh AF, minus the waste, we've created a simple guide to ensuring your cooking space is as green as possible.

Clean up your act.

Kitchen roll may be the quick, easy option when it comes to clearing up messes in the kitchen, but it's far from eco-friendly. Not only does the production of kitchen roll cause mass deforestation, it is also non-recyclable and often comes in plastic wrappers, which we all know are TERRIBLE for the planet. If you need a sustainable alternative, why not switch to reusable kitchen cloths/roll? Not only does it reduce excess wastage, it's much more cost effective, as it can be used time and time again. Simply wipe up your mess, then pop it into the washing machine- good as new!

Our recommendations:

-Wearth London Reusable Kitchen Roll

-Peace with the Wild Reusable Bamboo Kitchen Towel

-Ecoegg Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels

Refill it.

smol | surface sprays

Ensuring your kitchen is squeaky clean is at the top of everyone's priority list, especially after the past two years. The problem is, we throw away billions of plastic cleaning product bottles every single year, meaning it can be difficult to keep your house clean without costing the environment. Luckily, some brands have thought about this issue. Companies like Smol have created refillable cleaning product bottles that just require cleaning product tablets, meaning it saves excess water AND plastic. 

Our recommendations:

-Smol Surface Sprays

-Ocean Saver Multi-Purpose Cleaner Ecodrop

-Raindrop Plastic Free Anti Bac Spray

Wrap it up.

Use beeswax wraps : How to use it easily - 4 steps - Anotherway

We all want to keep our leftovers fresh AF, but using endless rolls of cling film and tin foil produces huge amounts of waste. One way you can combat this issue is by using a reusable product like beeswax wraps. These are perfect to ensure your food is kept fresh, plus they look waaaaay cuter. If you need something that can hold a little more, why not ditch your plastic sandwich bags for some silicone ziplock pouch- just wash them out when you're finished and they can be reused time and time again.

Our recommendations:

-The Beeswax Wrap Company Wraps

-Green Island Silicone Ziplock Pouch

-Stasher Silicone Sandwich Bag

Refill your basics.

Best Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars

Most of us will have noticed the shocking amount of plastic that comes with your weekly shop. Plastic packaging is a huge issue when it comes to sustainability in the kitchen, which is why we'd suggest refilling as many food products as you can. There are loads of independent refill shops out there, as well as a host of supermarkets, such as Aldi and Asda that are taking the leap to a more sustainable shopping experience. Even if it's just refilling your rice, pasta and cereals, you'll save a whole loads of waste and you can get some gorge storage jars that will make your kitchen look cute AF.

Our recommendations:

-Lakeland Ball Regular Mouth Quilted Crystal Mason Preserving Jars

-Kilner 2 Litres Round Clip Top Jar

-Kitchen Food Storage Glass Jars Sealed Cans With Cover

Scrub down. 

Bamboo Dish Brush - New Footprint | Shop Now

Lots of dishwashing tools are made from plastic and disposable. Why not invest in some durable items that will help you save waste and pennies in the long run? From bamboo handled scrubbing brushes, to reusable dishcloths, to compostable sponges, washing your dishes doesn't have to be a wasteful experience. You can even invest in a solid washing up bar- much like our soaps, they save excess water and reduce the need for any plastic bottles.

Our recommendations:

-Ecovibe Dish Washing Kit with Gloves

-Wild and Stone Organic Cotton Dishcloths

-Planet Detox Dish Washing Soap Bar

Looking for a way to keep your hands in good condition during all that kitchen cleaning? Our super rich soap bars are extra nourishing and designed to ensure your hands don't get dried out.