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Top 5 Feel Good Series To Binge This Lockdown.

 Let us set the scene. It’s day 384932 of lockdown, you’ve had approx. 15 news updates about Covid in the past hour and you’re feeling FED. UP. Amidst the doom and gloom, it can be *very* hard to stay upbeat at the moment. Scrolling through social media can be alarmingly addictive and positivity is in scarce supply. Sometimes, all you need is an escape from the world- and what better way to switch off than to fill your lockdown with some feel good TV.

Jumping into a virtual reality is sometimes just the trick to switch off from today’s stresses and give your brain a chance to relax and recharge. We have rounded up our top 5 feel good series to binge this lockdown and where to find them. Come on, let’s dive in to a wonderful world of joyful silver screen moments.


If you’ve never seen an episode of New Girl, you have well and truly missed out on an hour of complete, unadulterated joy. Following the lives of Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and her male flatmates, this sitcom is filled to the brim with silliness, engaging characters and wholesome storylines. With 7 seasons, this iconic series will keep you busy as you laugh and cry your way through the lives of this captivating friendship group. It will also make you want to move into a chic loft flat with your friends, so you can fire up Right Move in advance...


First aired in 2016, this endearing drama series documents five year old Joe Hughes’ diagnosis with autism and the experiences this brings for himself and his family. Set in the beautiful Lake District, The A Word is a gorgeous insight into family life, with many memorable characters who are both loveable and relatable. If it’s a heartwarming family story you’re after, this is exactly the show for you. Expect, laughs, happy tears and some B.E.A.U.T. scenery along the way.


Queer Eye has been met with much acclaim and it’s easy to understand why. Gone are the days of body shaming makeover shows, Queer Eye sees the loveable Fab Five guide men through a journey of fashion, self confidence and joy. Amidst the transformations, Queer Eye also sheds light on important subjects such as homophobia and racial profiling, making this one of Netflix’s most impactful and honest shows. This is the perfect show to stick on if you want to be uplifted this lockdown.


Jane the Virgin subverts the traditional Latin American telenovela into a tale that contains all the fun of a rom com with some added dramatic storylines. This show is not afraid of ramping up the cheesy romance and comedy- but that is exactly what we LOVE about it. There are 5 seasons that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face during these gloomy winter weeks, and you will find yourself investing deeply in the show’s wholesome and endearing characters.


Comedy at its peak! Derry Girls is witty, fun and will leave you reminiscing your schoolgirl antics. Perfectly displaying the bumpy transition from youth to adulthood, this show will have you laughing till you cry and wincing as you recall the awkwardness of growing up. Every viewer will be able to spot their teenage group amongst the Derry gang who try their luck at navigating romance, popularity and embarrassing families. If it's LOLs you’re after, this is the show for you.

Feel good shows are perhaps the best way to cope with lockdown. So, get your devices fired up and switch off this weekend, you most definitely deserve it.