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Top 5 Zero Waste Tips.

Sadly, we're all aware that we live in a world full of waste. Whether its plastic, food or anything in between, there's one thing that's for certain- we all need to do more to cut down on the excess. Plastic Free July has shined a light on ways we can cut back on single use plastic, in favour of more sustainable options- if everyone does their best to do their bit, it makes the problem a hell of a lot more manageable.

Want to get involved, but have no clue where to start? We've got you covered. We've put together a starter guide on how to become a zero-waste warrior. These 5 simple steps are realistic and achievable, meaning you can become more sustainable in no time.

1. Ditch the disposables.


From metal straws, to bags for life, there are so many reusable options that allow you to ditch the disposables for good. Choosing to reuse means there is less waste produced and less energy used in disposing of throwaway items, plus they'll save you pennies in the long run. 

Here are some of best reusable essentials:

-water bottle

-metal straws

-tote bag

- safety razor

-makeup remover cloths

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2. Get thrifty.


Charity shops are GREAT. Besides the obvious purpose of helping causes that are in need, they are an excellent way to reduce your waste. Rather than throwing away old clothes, furniture, books etc, make sure to donate them to a local charity shop to ensure they can be re-homed. We'd also suggest ditching fast fashion for more pre-loved options- not only is it cheaper and more sustainable, it also allows you to find hidden gems that no one else is wearing. WIN, WIN, WIN.

3. Reduce your consumption.


This one is simple- buy less and save more. Many of us are guilty of being over excessive when it comes to shopping- whether it's picking up extra bits at the supermarket, or stocking up on products that we don't even need, sometimes our hunger for consuming new things can get the better of us. By cutting down on buying things you don't need, you can help become more sustainable whilst saving money, time and space in your home.

4. Composting for the win.


Did you know that composting at home for a year can save the global warming gases equivalent of all the CO2 your kettle produces annually? Composting is a simple way you can make the most of your food scraps. By reusing the offcuts of your fruit and veg, you can do wonders for your plants and garden by giving them a free, nutrient-rich boost- plus, it is helping with the wider picture of producing less emissions.

5. Recycle, recycle, recycle.



This is such a simple, yet effective way to reduce your household waste. Ensuring you have an efficient recycling routine means that you can play your part in conserving natural resources, protecting ecosystems and cutting carbon emissions. Whilst we may not be able to control the amount of packaging we are receive, for example, we can at least do our bit to ensure it is recycled into something else in the future. Who knows what your crisp packet could become...

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