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Which nuddy Bar Are You?

Our nuddy soap bars have it all. Super nourishing. Plastic free. 100% vegan and cruelty free. Not to mention they are BURSTING with personality (and flavour). This week, we’re putting the spotlight on our soaps and giving each a chance to shine. Like many iconic five piece bands (Spice Girls, Girls Aloud etc.), each member has their own unique qualities. We think it would be, quite frankly, rude not to give each of our bubbly beauties a chance to show off. What’s more, we want to help you find out which bar is your soap alter ego.

With every bar coming with it's own scentsational characteristics, each member of our plastic-free fivesome will leave a mark (and plenty of soapy suds). Which begs the question… which nuddy bar are YOU?

Pink Grapefruit

You are...

the first to grab the attention of a room

misunderstood to be a little bitter but actually you’re super sweet!

the perfect partner to wake up to on a morning...

Super juicy and super fun, our pink grapefruit bar is loved by everyone who meets her. Despite her reputation, she is far from bitter. If you’re strong, zesty and pack a good punch, then Pink Grapefruit is your soapy sister!

Pink Grapefruit Shea Butter Soap Bar- SHOP NOW.


You are...

totally irresistible

reminiscent of sunny summers

never short of wowing everyone who meets you, especially in the shower...

She's super fruity and super flirty. You’ll find her lounging on a beach, taking in the tropical breeze and sipping cocktails. Sound familiar? Our mango bar is your match made in heaven. Now, off you (man)go and shop now. Sorry. 

Mango Shea Butter Soap Bar- SHOP NOW.


You are...

the freshest of the gang

super cool, baby

always giving people the tingles...

Peppermint is by far the edgiest, trendiest soap bar in sight. Always the first to follow the latest fashions, our peppermint bar is guaranteed to get heads turning. Love being the centre of attention? You’re definitely minty fresh.

Peppermint Shea Butter Soap Bar- SHOP NOW.

 Lime and Lemon

You are...

sometimes sour but alwaaaays sweet

everybody’s main squeeze through thick and thin

refreshing AF

Our Lime and Lemon bar is full of zest and only sometimes a little sour. She’s guaranteed to wake you up with a bang and keep you feeling fresh all day long. Plus, she never leaves you with a bitter taste in youth mouth. Sound familiar? Lime and Lemon is your sudsy alter-ego.

Lime and Lemon Shea Butter Soap Bar- SHOP NOW.


You are...

a little piece of paradise

wild and free, baby

a big holiday loverrrrr

By far the wildest of the bunch, our coconut bar is fearless and free; despite being tough, you’re full of sweetness. If you’re the wandering daydreamer of your group then you’re definitely a little on the coconutty side. 

Coconut Shea Butter Soap Bar- SHOP NOW.

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