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Your Halloween Costume Based On Your Star Sign.

Pumpkins, scary films and a whole load of sweets, it's almost time for Halloween.  With spooky season just around the corner, you might be in the midst of planning the perfect costume for your upcoming Halloween plans. If, like us, you end up spending hours on Pinterest looking for inspo, before giving up and putting it off, then fear not - we're here to provide you with your next costume.

And how are we choosing this for you, we hear you ask? By the most scientific of processes, of course - star signs. Sit back, relax and get ready to get your spooky zodiac on.

CAPRICORN: Momager AKA Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner fancy dress

Capricorns are known for their ambition, organisation and hustle - and we can think of only one person who embodies this completely: Kris Jenner. Channel that ambition into the ultimate Momager costume this Halloween - we're talking the cropped hairdo, a big old of hoops and, of course, her signature shades.

AQUARIUS: Flight Attendant

Air hostess costumes

Hop aboard and get your flight attendant on. It's only right that the first air sign of the zodiac year opts for an off-the-ground look this year, and this is a super fun one. Bonus points if you can remember all the safety signals to entertain your fellow guests.

PISCES: Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Kylie Jenner as Ariel The Little Mermaid

Life is better, when it's wetter, under the seaaaaa. If you're a Pisces, you should cosplay as everyone's fave mermaid, Ariel, this October. Grab your seashell bra and scaly tail and get ready to sing all your fave Disney songs.

ARIES: Spring Fairy

Spring Fairy costume

The first sign of spring + Aries's agricultural roots = garden fairy magic. Opt for a mystical fairy outfit this Halloween; it's fun, cute and gives you the perfect excuse to get creative with your makeup. 

TAURUS: Beyonce


Strong, powerful and takes no sh*t - that's what comes to mind when we think of Tauruses. And, who's better to emulate that than Queen B herself. Bey has a whole host of iconic outfits to choose from, and we love this one from her Dangerously in Love era.

GEMINI: Olsen Twins

The Olsen Twins

Who's best for the twin sign than the ultimate 00s twin icons themselves, the Olsens. Grab your bestie and pick one of their legendary looks from back in the day. This also gives you an excuse to binge watch all their classic films too, for research purposes...

CANCER: Lifeguard

Lifeguard costumes

Okay, so maybe dressing up as a crab isn't that fun. That's why you can channel all that beach energy into a lifeguard costume this year. This one is great if you're looking for a group outfit, plus it's super easy to pull together.

LEO: Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess costume

In true Leo style, this costume is allllll about the fire. Channel your inner sunshine by dressing up as a goddess this Halloween - you'll have endless fun creating the ultimate golden, glittery eyeshadow look.

VIRGO: Madonna

Madonna Like A Virgin

Madonna's iconic 'Like A Virgin' costume just has to be the outfit for any Virgos out there, this year. We're thinking white lingerie and lace galore - this is a super fun and sexy outfit. Touched for the very first timeeeee...

LIBRA: Elle Woods

 Legally Blonde Elle Woods

With the symbol of the Libra scales in mind, there'd be no better costume option that the iconic Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde. Grab your best pink dress and curling wand and you're ready to get all dolled up. What, like it's hard?

SCORPIO: Villanelle

Villanelle costume Killing Eve

Sassy, sexy and sensual, your halloween costume has to match the mysteriousness that comes with your star sign. Fulfil all your elusive auras by dressing up as Killing Eve's antagonist, Villanelle this Halloween.


Miley Cyrus

Everyone's fave rock chick, Miley Cyrus, is our Sagittarius costume of choice. The December born babe has many iconic looks to choose from, and we think this grungy, edgy look would make the perfect costume this Halloween.