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The Covid-19 edition.

nuddy's new blog series explores peoples WFH/CFH(chill from home) diaries. Here you'll read about the good, the bad and the ugly, as we all learn to deal with new daily routines amidst the battle against Covid-19. We're spending more time in our houses, we're also spending more time in our minds. But, you're not alone, we're in this together.
Our first account is by Lizzie, 26 WFH in her childhood bedroom at her parents house in Swanland, Hull. 
5.40am - Literally I keep waking up at stupid times for no reason, it’s really not like I have much to do with my day, are you hearing me body clock?! Chose to lay in bed day dreaming till 7. I actually really enjoy being in bed doing nothing because it allows me to be creative and drift in and out of sleep. This is the time in the day I have to be alone with my thoughts. 
7.00am - Shifted positions into my parents room to watch the morning news. Drawback of not having a TV in my childhood bedroom, have thought about getting one during lockdown but swiftly moved away from the idea. I know not really ideal to start your day off watching the news as it can be quite somber but I did it so let’s go with it.
7.30am - Get dressed, I have to get an X-ray done today (not anything major) so aiming to be in and out before I start work.
7.45am - Go downstairs to discover my mum has made the same thing for breakfast for the past 5 days, so butter myself a crumpet instead. Really though, so grateful to my Mum for being the real MVP and cooking delicious meals for us all, however the variety just isn’t there like it was at the start of lockdown.
8.00am - Set off to the hospital to get the X-Ray done, it’s very quiet. We’re out and home by 9 - woo. Nice turn around so I can start work. Don’t worry, I washed my hands when I got in. 
9.15am - Grabbed a little pot of granola, I’ve given up junk food for lent so this it pretty much my only vice at the minute. I say vice because the granola tastes very sweet. A notification pops up “Your screen time is up by 25% from last week to an average of 6 hours and 44 minutes a day”. Apple if you’re reading this, I don’t need you to call me out on my TikTok addiction. Let me live. 
9.20am - Start by catching up with Slack and emails from over the weekend. I check out my calendar to see I don’t have any meetings today, which is always nice for a Monday. Although I’m already dressed in something other than joggers and a jumper which makes a change. Would be nice for my colleagues to see me making an effort for the first time in 3 weeks. 
10.24am - All caught up. Time to start on work and check out how the campaigns we sent out over the weekend preformed. In addition to catching up with other teams on upcoming projects for the week. 
11.07am - Put on the new PartyNextDoor album, an artist that doesn’t get the clout he deserves IMO.
11.11am - Made a wish, well actually 5. I truly believe in the power of wishing because if nothing else you’re speaking out loud your goals every day or sending your thoughts out to people in need. 
12.45pm - Lunch time, which was rice with an aubergine and potato curry. After lunch I took a shower, because you know - why not? Perks of working from home.
1.20pm - Back to work after donning my silky Christmas PJs, since realising the only people unfortunate enough to see me today are my family. 
4.00pm - Trek downstairs in search of snacks to no avail, so half an avocado and some more curry it is then. “I wasn’t even hungry” - this is going to be the title of my new book. 
5.40pm - More snacks, a fruit salad this time. I know, I know, at this stage this is basically a food diary.
6.15pm - 1 out of the 4 day work week finished and getting ready to go for my daily walk. I’m trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. 
6.28pm - Leave the house, yes the turn around is that quick. I ain’t trying to impress anyone. 
8.00pm - 11,579 steps done, I’m back at the house. If anything being in lockdown for nearly 3 weeks has made me appreciate the little things, like a good conversation with a friend or lovely view. I like to call my friends when I go on my daily walk because it feels like you’re walking with someone and it’s a great opportunity to catch up. I swear I’ve spoke to my friends more in these 3 weeks than ever before. Life is slower but it comes with its perks. 
8.10pm - Heated up some Linda McCartney sausages for dinner and caught up with messages I’d missed. I’m in a very competitive game of online scrabble with this guy that I ‘met’ on a dating app, so I check to see if he’s made his move (I’m losing currently). I say met in inverted commas because we’ve been talking for over a month but haven’t had the chance to meet yet, obviously. Virtual dating is weird but also fun. You’ve just got to think of other ways to date, and yes it does kind of feel like you’re 15 again on MSN messenger, or like you’re on an episode of catfish ,or a contestant on Love is Blind. Our first virtual date was on houseparty and if you’ve used the app you’ll know how easy it is to pop up in other peoples chats. We’d just started the call and his DAD joined the party. It was a memorable first date to say the least. 
8.30pm - Settled down to watch Tiger King as it’s been floated to be a category for one of our future Zoom quizzes and also because I hear it’s a great series. I’m a bit late to the party. 
10.26pm - Time to get ready for bed, I was hammering the skincare routine at the start of quarantine but this actually managed to irritate my skin more. I left my skin alone for about a week now and my T-zone has cleared up quite well. So the saying is true, you really can have too much of a good thing. I could lie and tell you I’ll be reading before bed (I wish I would do) but really I’ll probably be playing scrabble and watching TikToks till I fall asleep. Thanks for spending the day with me!


1. Are you ok? How do you feel right now in this moment?
I’m good, definitely having more good days than bad days, it’s a strange time but good to pause on life for a bit.

2. Do you miss anyone? If so, who?
I’m missing my mates and restaurants, making it work with my friends though with lots of Zoom calls

3. What’s your favourite nuddy product and why?
100% the Lime and Lemon soap bar, cause it’s fre$h 🍋

4. Why do you love the nuddy brand?
Because it’s cheeky and fun with a hint of sass but also gets into those deeper topics and emotions with you. Just like your best mate does over a glass of vino.
THANK YOU LIZZIE for sharing your day with us. We hope that you enjoyed reading Lizzie's WFH day diary, if you would like to get involved in this special series then please contact us on - no matter your age, job, current circumstance, we'd love to hear from you and share your story! This is a tough time for us all, lets come together and help to support one another, WE CAN DO THIS. Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands. Check out our Super Rich Shea Butter Soap Bars below...