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My name is Kas and i'm gonna strip down.

Being in your early twenties is not all fun + games. 4 years ago I was a 21 year old graduate that decided ‘fuck it’, I’m moving to London, leaving the love of my life and starting a new path to god only knows where. I lived with strangers who turned out to be my best friends, I went on dates with strangers who turned out to be well, pretty weird (lol at Bumble) and I spent so much time trying to find myself whilst quite literally getting lost. For 2 years solid, I drank 4 nights a week, partied with my friends and would be hungover to hell every Friday at work, but oh my god, I had fun.

Your early 20s are tough - some of the best and worst years perhaps? There are so many decisions about how to live, who to be, who to trust. Are you doing what you want, or are you doing what you think your parents want? Are you YOU, or are you actually a mixture of all your friends because you can’t figure out who the hell you are or you’re too scared that you won’t be accepted for all your quirks. You constantly feel crap because you see girls on social media who are skinnier, prettier but let’s face it, not even real. It’s a constant battle with yourself, to be better, to feel better. Somewhere along the line, living this crazy and hectic life, I started suffering from anxiety and stress, often feeling nervous, unworthy and so so lost.

Well, one day I decided to mix up my life completely, quit my job, leave the life I had grown to love and pursue what really was a pipe dream. I had no idea what I was doing, where to start or what was going to happen, but I just thought - why can’t I do this? I can totally do this. I’m going to just try and do this. So, I launched my first start-up, nuddy in July of 2018, aged 24. Every day since, all I’ve done is TRY and it’s been really tough at times, but day after day I just KEEP trying to do better. Because this was the path that I honestly felt in my gut was the right one for me. I had no idea if it would turn out ok, but I had to at least give it a go. A year down the line - it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m still trying, I’m still figuring out who I am, but at-least I’m doing what I love. It’s made me a better person because although, I’m often stressed and super busy, I’m happy. I may complain that I haven’t had a proper holiday in 2 years, like, all the time. But my anxiety has settled, I’ve finally started to believe in myself.

My advice to you is that the first step is the hardest and the unknown is absolutely terrifying but if you’re sat thinking ‘this isn’t where I want to be’ - then get up, switch direction, look forward and skip down the street. You’ve got this.