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Stripped down - The Series


My name is Jess and I want to strip down. When your body is old, but you are young.

So, in the media recently there has been a lot of talk about women going through their menopause and the affects it has on their bodies. It's great that the media are building on awareness of this topic, but this is something which should really be spoken about more openly, and not be shied away from. As women, we should not be ashamed of the changes that happen to our bodies - IT'S NATURAL.

I’m Jess, I’m 24 and I went through early menopause when I was 15. Yes, that’s right, 15. I just knew something was wrong with me and my body! We all know that the teens and early 20’s is a challenging time in anyone’s life (GCSEs, exams, major life decisions, WHO AM I kinda stress). Well for me, during that same period, when I was going through these challenges, I also found my body was changing and I didn’t know why. The hot sweats, the massive weight gain, tiredness and don't get me started on the mood swings! But that’s normal at 15 right? Wrong. 

The menopause had hit me like a brick and forced my body into being a 50 year old women not a 15 year old girl. This was so incredibly tough and confusing. I am sharing my story because I believe that we need to be more accepting of this 'thing' that happens to our bodies as women. It really changes you. Finding out at 15 that you can’t have children naturally wasn’t really an issue - it’s now later on in life, as a nearly 25 year old women that it’s become a really tough pill to swallow. 

But I have grown to try and love myself, as I know that these things happen to us for a reason. Life comes to test us and puts things in our path that we can not control sometimes. What I can control is pushing myself  and putting my all into my amazing business, my beauty salon - TopToToe, of which I'm SO proud to call my own.

I always push myself to be the best version of me - happy, loving and slightly wild after a glass of vino (plus being quite literally the most insane auntie I could ever be).

Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that.

But girls, women & ladies -  KNOW YOUR BODY, LISTEN TO IT & TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS, like I did. 

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