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Stripped down - The Series


I’m Wizzle and I’m here to strip down about my quarter life crisis. 
As time encroached towards my 25th birthday I was filled with more and more dread, with no idea why I was feeling this way. After just coming out of seeing someone and it being the winter months I accounted it to seasonal defective disorder or something, but this did not explain why I had no desire to celebrate my birthday or for my birthday to even happen. 
A couple of days before my birthday I did what any millennial would do, I turned to Google. “Why do people feel sad before their birthday” - I hit enter and tonnes of search results popped up. One resonated with me. It read that when we were younger we might have an idea of what our life would look like at a milestone aka at quarter of a century. My Mum got married at 24 and had me at 25. They had their own house and basically had their shit together - whereas I felt very far from this. As they raised me, when I was younger I used to think my life would too pan out like this.
It’s hard for us not to focus on our shortcomings rather than what we’re doing brilliantly. Sometimes I think how I’ve never had a long lasting relationship whereas other people around me are getting married and having babies. But then I think of the amazing friendships that I have, who support me consistently. Sometimes I can’t even afford a few drinks at the end of the month and I know people buying houses. But then I think that I’m living in London, one of the best cities in the world and how lucky I am to be here. I once saw a quote that we all grow at different times but that doesn’t mean that we’re not as beautiful as the flower next to us. 
I’ve realised sometimes I need to take a step back and look at what is going good. I’m still figuring out where my life is going and although that can be difficult I also appreciate I only feel this way because of all the opportunities afforded to me. 
Thank you for stripping down with me. x